Disposal of candle wax

In European-American traditions, many people
bury candle wax and other remains after a spell
is cast. Burial toward the appropriate quarter of
the compass is considered a thoughtful way to
go about this. Some neo-pagans dispose of
ritual or spell remains in a bonfire or fireplace.
If the intention of the spell is positive or
involves matters around your own home, like
blessing, love-drawing, money-drawing, or
home protection, it is perfectly acceptable to
wrap the materials in a cloth or paper packet
and bury them.
If you are removing hexes or opposing
negativity, you would burn the packet, bury it,
flush it into a stream or allow it to blow away
on the four winds as far away from your own
home as possible. Many people follow tradition
and throw the packet over the left shoulder
(into the face of the Devil) and walk away
without looking back. If the intention of the
spell is not centred on matters close to home, or
if you do not have a suitable garden, you can
wrap the materials in a cloth or paper packet
and throw them in running water over your left
shoulder and walk away. Alternatively, you can
take the materials to a crossroads – any place
where two roads cross – and throw the packet
into the centre of the crossroads over your left
shoulder and walk away.

The candle tips over and flames up into a potential fire hazard

Provided that you know you have placed the candles properly, this indicates there is danger about for you and your client.

You should clear your sacred space and cleanse it by whatever means you prefer.

It is probably wise to wait a while before retrying the spell and remember to take a ritual bath

The candle goes out before completely burning

This can mean that the spell you are
using is not the most appropriate one and you
need to use stronger means than you first
employed. It can also mean that someone is
actively working against you. In this case it is
wise to go back to the beginning and start your
whole spell over again.

There is a dirty, black burn (especially one that deposits soot on a glass-encased candle)

This means things are not going to go well – the
spell may not work, the blessing may fail, the
person is in deeper stress or trouble than you
first thought. There is a great deal of negativity
around. Sometimes it is good to change the
focus of the candle and ask that it be used to
burn off the negativity, which will enable you
to get a handle on the situation.

A glass-encased candle burns clean to begin with but ‘dirty’ with a great deal of smoke later

This indicates that things will go well to begin
with, but there are other conditions that have
not yet revealed themselves and will need to be
resolved. Someone may be working against the
required outcome, so the correct timing and
correspondences of further spells are crucial

A free-standing candle burns down to a puddle of wax or sets in runs down the side of the candle

When this happens, most workers
will examine the shape of the wax for a sign. For

instance, a heart-shaped wax puddle is a good
sign if you are burning a red candle for a love
spell. You may see something of importance
there, for the shape of the run may suggest an
outcome regarding the matter at hand. Wax
puddles come in all kinds of shapes; most
candle-workers look for symbols in the wax, or
sometimes use numerology or other divination
techniques similar to teacup reading, to
discover meaning

A free-standing candle runs and melts a lot

while burning This gives you an opportunity
to observe the flow of wax for signs. Quickly
melting wax shows there is a good deal of
positivity available. If one side burns quicker
than the other, a balance can sometimes be
achieved by turning the candle round and it is
useful to note how many times you do this,
since this can indicate the number of
adjustments the person may have to make to
ensure success. Other people prefer to let
nature take its course and to watch the wax run
for signs, without interfering in its movements

The flame that flares, dips, and gutters, repeatedly

Check first for draughts and then decide
intuitively whether there is a pattern to the
flaring and guttering. If you are performing the
spell with someone in mind, you may feel the
recipient of your spell is trying to block your
efforts. Sit quietly for a while until you feel you
have grasped the significance of the pattern,
which may be because the spell itself is not
right for the time. In this case simply be
prepared to try again another time

The candle that gives a clean, even burn

This might be called a successful burn and suggests
the spell will most likely achieve the right
result. If a glass-encased candle burns and
leaves no marks on the glass that is best. If a
free-standing candle leaves little or no residue,
this is by far the best result.

Signs from candle-burning

Not every magical practitioner takes heed of
the manner in which spell-casting or ritual
candles burn; there is often a great deal to be
learnt from understanding a little bit more
about how to interpret the way a candle burns.
In voodoo and Afro-Caribbean magic, for
instance, spiritual workers who ‘set lights’, as it
is called, for clients will automatically take
notice of such details and incorporate their
findings in any further work.
It is worth remembering that some candles
are simply poorly made and will burn badly no
matter what you do with them. If the wick is
the wrong size, for instance, the candle may be
no use for magical work. It is nice to make one’s
own candles, although there is quite an art to it
and the novice may end up feeling rather
frustrated, if the intention behind the candle is
not quite right.

External factors can also play a huge part in
how candles burn. The way the candle is placed
in the holder, the temperature in the
surrounding area, an open window causing a
draught, and other such things can all make a
difference. Equally, the candle can be affected by
your own mood and really until you have
learned how to meditate using a candle flame
you need not worry too much to begin with. All
that having been said, here are some of the
things to watch for when burning candles

Charging Candles

This is a quick, uncomplicated method of more
fully charging a candle. This method can be
used without having to set up your altar
completely. It can equally be used to charge
your altar candles.
A candle or candles of the appropriate colour (if
preferred, mark them with appropriate symbols)
A candle holder
Matches rather than a lighter
✤ Hold the candle in your ‘power hand’ (the
hand you consider you give out energy with).
✤ Open the other hand and turn that palm
towards the sky.
✤ Breathe deeply and visualize your goal.
✤ Now perceive whatever you think of as
Universal Energy flowing through the palm
that is turned skyward, filling your body.
✤ Visualise that Universal Energy mixing
within you with the energy of your intention.
✤ Now allow that mixed energy to flow into the
✤ Be conscious of the energy as it builds up.
✤ Feel the energy streaming into the candle.
✤ Fill it from bottom to top as though the candle
were an empty vessel.
✤ If you are comfortable with doing so, speak
your intention out loud.
✤ As you place the candle in its holder, stabilize
the thought within the candle so that it will be
converted into pure clear intent.
✤ Strike a match above the candle
✤ Draw down the flame toward the candle,
lighting the wick.

✤ Extinguish the match flame, but do not blow
it out in case you blow out the candle.
✤ Stay with the candle for a few moments
visualizing your intention, feeling its energy
moving into the universe.
✤ Leave the area and let the candle burn right
down as it does its work.
Candle colour and the symbols inscribed on them
create additional power. As you become more
proficient, you will find yourself using certain
colours and symbols more often. Try not to be too
rigid, and always be open to widening your focus.

Dressing Candles

Any oil can be used for dressing a candle but
initially it is best to use either your favourite
essential oil, such as frankincense, or perhaps
an oil infused with a suitable herb appropriate
to the task in hand.
There are various ways to dress a candle but
what is important is the direction in which you
anoint it. If you remember that working from
the top down draws in power from spiritual
sources, and working from the bottom up
draws in energy from the earth, it is very easy
to work correctly for your purpose. Never rub
the candle with a back and forth movement, as
you will end up with a confusion of energies –
not to say a sputtering candle.
✤ Sit quietly and, holding the candle, think
carefully about your intent. If you have
learned to meditate, then enter a meditative
state and allow the energies to build up
within you.
✤ To bring something to you, rub oil on the
candle in a downward motion from the top to
the middle and then from the bottom to the
✤ To send something away from you, you rub
the oil from the middle of the candle out to
the ends.
✤ Continue with either movement until you
have a sense that you have done enough. If
you have any oil left on your hands either rub
your hands together until the oil is absorbed
or dab the remaining oil from your fingers
onto the centre of your forehead, which is the

Third Eye and the seat of vision. Then say the
following or something similar:
I cleanse and consecrate this candle
(in the name of your chosen deity of you choose to
use one).
May it burn with strength in the service of the
Greater Good.
Your candle is now ready for use.

Dressing and charging candles

Dressing (anointing) and charging candles are
perhaps candle magic in its simplest form.
Dressing a candle performs two functions. By
anointing it with oil you ensure that it burns
safely and you also have the opportunity to

infuse it with the required vibration for your
working. Charging a candle ensures you fix the
intent of your magical working and also
dedicates the candle to the appropriate

Choosing your candles

There are several things you need to remember
when choosing a candle:
1.Choose your candle type as above.
2.Candles used for magic should always be
virgin (unused) at the start of the working,
unless you have deliberately cleared them of
past influences. Using candles that have been
previously lit can have a detrimental effect on
your spell. They may have picked up
influences from previous use.
3.Charge your candle before using it. This can
be done by anointing it with oils associated
with the magic you intend on performing, or
by simply touching it and filling it with your
own energy (see below)
4.The oils used in the anointing of your candle
should, where possible, always be natural
fragrances. While charging the candle,
smooth from top to bottom when drawing
energy toward you, bottom to top when
sending energy outwards. Particularly when
anointing candles for altar use, anoint from
the middle to the top and from the middle to
the bottom to signify the union of spiritual
and physical realms (see below).
5.If you enjoy craftwork, it is a very good idea
to make your own candles for magical use. It
is a whole art in itself – you infuse your
candles with your own energy and thus
increase the magical potency of the candle
many times over. It is relatively easy to make
your own candles: simply heat the wax until
it is liquid and pour into a mould which is
threaded with a wick. The wax should now
be left to cool, after which the mould can be
removed. Oils and colours can be added for
extra potency


Candles are such an integral part of a spellmaker’s work that they have become a whole
branch of magic all their own. They represent
the Element of Fire, but also light. Various
colours bring different things to magical
workings and they are an important part of any

Candle Magick

In candle magic, man discovered the ability to
control light and this is one of the oldest forms
of magic as well as one of the most simple.
Using candles to symbolize ourselves and our
beliefs means that we have access to a power
beyond ourselves. Candle magic also forms an
effective back-up

Three Candle Joy Spell

Add a little joy to your life when you need it the most. All you need is:

3 orange or yellow candles
Cedar oil
A few pinches of rosemary and marjoram
Rub oil on all three candles, and set them up on your altar. Light each one, then sprinkle each of the herbs on the table around the candles. Focus on the heat of the flames, and repeat out loud:

Happiness and joy, come into my life

Away with anger, stress and strife

I am happy, I am free

No more negativity

Hold your hands above the flames to feel their warmth. No need to scorch yourself. Be determined to see the positive side of things, and leave the candles to burn out.

Hoodoo Money Candle Spell’

You will need the following items for this spell:

1 Green Chime or Votive Candle
Candle holder
Cinnamon ( Grounded )
High John Root
Tigers eye
Money Incense: Money Powder, Frankincense EXT
Incense Holder
Put a SMALL amount of each ingredient in a small mixing bowl: Honey, Sugar and Cinnamon . Mix together until paste forms. Take your candle and carve the rune Fehu on the candle. Then use your finger to rub the paste on the candle from the wick to the bottom and place your candle in the proper candle holder. Light your incense above the candles flame and place in the incense holder. Take a little more paste and place it on your tongue without swallowing Say out loud or in your mind while focusing on the candle: Candle on money magic I ask that you bring me: amount of $, I am not greedy and need this money for: List what you need, I am thankful, so more it be and harm he none. Then place the High John and Tigers eye stone by the candle and incense and let it burn. Bury the rest of the candle and ash in the ground or water.

A Covet Candle’

You will need the following items for this spell:

A dark green candle
Hot red pepper flakes
Two images of the object you want
A fire-proof dish
You can use photos from newspapers or magazine, or make a drawing yourself. It doesn’t have to be an exact photo of the actual object. Just a representation.

Put the two images together, face to face, with a sprinkling of red pepper flakes between them. Fold the pages in half, and then in half again. Make sure the flakes stay inside the paper. Repeat the following:

I covet and seek,
To take from the meek.
Bring this to me,
I wish it to be.

Visualize the person you wish to take the object from, and light the paper bundle on fire in the dish. Before it burns out completely, use the flames to light the candle. Repeat the words again, focusing on the object and the person who has it