The Subtle Energies of Crystals

Crystals have their own inherent energy, which
means that it is very simple to use them as
protective or energizing objects. This in ancient
times would have made them amulets (see the
Antler Charm spell on page 12). However, if
you are going to use stones and crystals
magically, you have to use some kind of
technique to ‘wake them up’ so that you can use
their more subtle energies successfully. It could
be said they need to be reminded of their power.
There are many ways of awakening –
reactivating – crystals, perhaps sounding prayer
or other bells or wind chimes near to the crystal.
This aligns the energy of the crystal structure so
it can be efficiently directed.
The Breastplate of Judgement spoken of in
the Bible uses this principle of subtle energies.
It was said to have four rows of three gems set
in gold. Different versions are given in different
bibles. The New International Version, for
instance, states that the gems are ruby, topaz,
beryl, turquoise, sapphire, emerald, jacinth,
agate, amethyst, chrysolite, onyx and jasper.
Initially, the gems were said to represent the
twelve tribes of Israel but they now signify
various aspects of personality and may be worn
to enhance your magic.

Many precious and semi-precious stones were
used by the ancient Egyptians in their magicmaking. The best known were amethyst (for its
spiritual qualities) carnelian (which
symbolized energy, dynamism and power) and
the most highly prized of Egyptian semiprecious stones, lapis lazuli, representing the
all-embracing night sky. The red and green
forms of jasper were thought to give very
positive energies, while sard – a reddish-brown
version of chalcedony (silicon dioxide) – was
used to fashion scarab amulets. Feldspar was
another stone considered to be extremely
precious and was used in jewellery connected
with fertility. Serpentine, dark green (almost
black) and easily carved, was used to fashion
heart amulets. Turquoise was also used
symbolically to denote vegetation and new life.
The body is an extremely sensitive
instrument and in some senses the magical
practitioner uses it as simply another tool in
their workings. Traditionally, the main nerve
ganglions (groups of nerve fibres) in the
physical body have their counterpart within the
more subtle energy field, which is our spiritual
self. When working magically you have a
responsibility to keep your aura (subtle body)
as clear and as healthy as possible. One of the
ways in which you can do this is to use crystals
to help with that internal balance. When you
know you are under pressure or are going to be
doing a particular type of spell, it is very easy to
pop a particular crystal into your charm or
amulet bag in order to enhance the energy.
You can see that sacred spaces and other
places where you choose to work magically can
be enhanced in many ways. Crystals are only
one way of doing so, and using herbs, once you
know enough about them, is another.
Remember the principle that using both will
enhance the power four-fold.

Preparing a crystal circle

If you wish to use stones and crystals when
laying out your circle or sacred space, you can
use a mixture of both. You might mark each
quarter with a large stone, particularly if you
are outside, and then place other appropriate
stones on top. Even if you use candles to mark
the four quarters of the circle, you could
surround or circle each candle with any or all of
the following gems, either rough or polished:
North: moss agate, emerald, jet,
olivine, salt, black tourmaline
East: imperial topaz, citrine, mica,
South: amber, obsidian, rhodochrosite,
ruby, lava, garnet
West: aquamarine, chalcedony, jade,
lapis lazuli, moonstone,
Over time, gather a number of appropriate
stones together. Beginning and ending in the

north, lay out 7, 9, 21 or 40 stones of any size to
define your circle. (These are magical numbers
and will enhance the power, so always bear in
mind the purpose of your circle.) If you
normally use ribbon or cord to mark out your
circle, your stones can be placed either inside
the cord or ribbon or in place of it.
If the magical working to be conducted within
the circle is sending the power outwards, place
any crystal with definite points facing outward.
If the magic is of a protective nature, place them
with points facing inward.
Use your good sense when constructing your
circle. If it is outdoors, somewhere you use
often and think of as your sacred space, you
may wish to leave the larger stones in position
and carry the smaller gems with you. This way,
no matter where you are, you can mark out a
circle with the small stones and have available
the power and energy of the larger space
available to you.

Enhancing your Magick with Crystals & Stones

Crystals and stones are gifts from nature and as
mentioned above can also be used to enhance
your rituals and magic. They can become sacred,
magical tools in their own right. When
consecrating a circle, creating your sacred space
or making a shrine, you may like to search out
stones which can represent the Elements, so here
are a few suggestions:

When looking for stones to represent Air, you
need to think of crystal-clear stones or
yellowish-tinged ones. A quartz crystal point
can often be picked up quite cheaply and, of
course, it does not matter if it is flawed because,
with a little imagination, these flaws can often
look like clouds. Quartz pebbles are often
found on the seashore, weathered by the water.
Stones to represent Fire should be red or orange
or sometimes black. Any stone which has the
feeling of passion or fiery emotion will do very
well – carnelian or red jasper work particularly
well. Volcanic rocks, or other very hard ones,
often signify Fire since they are the outcome of
fire from the earth.
Blue or blue-green stones are good if you wish
to represent Water and if you are near the sea
you might find a piece of salt or sand-blasted
glass, which is ideal. Although glass is man

made, nature has done its work. White or
greyish pebble stones actually found in water
are also very useful, while a piece of stone with
seaweed attached is also good. Some agates are
very pretty and can echo wave patterns.
The colours for Earth are green and brown, and
many of the stones associated with Earth are
green as well. All stones are the product of Earth
so almost any stone will do, particularly if you
have got to know it as suggested above. Use it
wisely and it will always repay you. Remember
that you do not need polished stones for this –
the more natural they are the better.
Most clear crystals can be used to represent the
fifth Element of aether, or Spirit, as can the
purple-hued ones. Amethyst is particularly
good, as it is both a transmitter and a receiver of
psychic and spiritual energy. Mostly, those stones
which are capable of representing spirit will
‘speak’ to you and if you choose more than one
you will have to use your intuition so that you
choose the right one for your purpose.

A Crystal Healing Spell

This spell is used in this instance to charge
(energize) water for healing. You can drink the
water or juice, or use the former in your bath.
By using planetary significances you can see
how many aspects of your magical working
might be enhanced.
A crystal appropriate for your needs (in this case it
would be for healing, although if you use the
crystal for another purpose, you would obviously
choose an appropriate crystal for that use)
A glass of water or fruit juice
✤ Place the crystal in the glass of water or juice
overnight, or for 24 hours if you want a
balance of solar and lunar energies
✤ After removing the crystal, drink the water or
juice and visualize its energy flowing through
✤ You can use the crystal again for the same
✤ Repeat whenever you feel necessary.

✤ If you choose to use the water in your bath,
you may like to dedicate the bath for its
specific purpose by simply saying:
I dedicate this bath to the healing of [state
✤ Since in this case the crystal has been used in
liquid, you may need to recharge it, in which
case bury it in earth in a safe place until you
need it again.
This technique uses the power of the crystal, but in
returning it to the earth you are acknowledging the
power of Mother Earth, as well as the Elements.
One way of using crystals is to keep an
assortment of small ones in a special talisman
bag. The simplest method of use is to shake the
bag, and while focusing on the question to be
asked, take out the first two or three that you
touch. See if the answer comes spontaneously
to mind, before you consult the lists above or
below for correspondences.
You can also cast your crystals into a specially
drawn circle, the first crystal drawn being the
crystal of Self, the second the crystal of others
and the third being the crystal of happiness to
come. Boards on to which crystals are thrown
are available from specialist shops and have
proved useful for many people. More complex
questions can be answered and guidance for the
future gained by using crystals with any
suitable Tarot spread.

Enhancing Communication Using Stones Ruled by Jupiter

Here is a simple way to use one of the stones
ruled by Jupiter in a particularly modern way,
at the same time also appealing to the gods of
communication. This is an example of
combining several energies for one purpose.
The crystal carnelian can be used when you
want – or need – to be heard. It is also an
excellent stone to wear or carry when you need
to speak in public for it strengthens the voice,
provides self-confidence and confers eloquence
on the speaker. It is used to counteract doubt
and negative thoughts and is employed in this
spell for that purpose.
A small piece of carnelian
An incense such as benzoin which is sacred to
Mercury, Roman god of communication
✤ The night before you are due to speak light
your incense.
✤ Hold the carnelian in the smoke of the incense.
✤ Say:
Mercury, Ogmios, Heracles
Gods of eloquence and right speech
Help me tomorrow to say the right thing
To make myself heard.
✤ Sleep with the carnelian under your pillow, as
one of its properties is to prevent nightmares.
✤ The next day either have the piece of
carnelian discreetly in front of you where you
can see it or in your pocket where you can
easily reach it

✤ When stuck for words or in difficulty, either
touch the stone or mentally make a link with
it which will enable you to overcome the
Simply having something else to focus on in such a
situation is good anyway, but having appealed to the
gods, you draw on the very source of communication
and on the qualities of the crystal. Remember to
thank the gods – who are from three different cultures
– afterwards. You may need their help again