The Athame in Magick

An athame is, quite simply, a ceremonial knife. You can obtain an athame from a specialist magical shop, but as I said before, any knife – even a letter

The Chalice in Magick

The chalice, or ritual cup, used for rituals is traditionally made of silver, but you can also use crystal,glass, stainless steel or pewter. The chalice represents the Water element

The Eye

The eye is considered to be the primary organ of sense perception. It is closely associated with light, the spirit, and the sun. The eye symbolizes spiritual and mental

The Witches Cauldron in Magick

While the word “cauldron” may bring to mind images of Shakespeare’s three witches tossing all kinds of animal parts into a boiling stew for evil purposes, the cauldron is

Tools And Treasures

You may need to collect some basic tools for your spells and rituals. They need not be at all expensive. Magick was traditionally carried out with the equipment of

Witches Knife/ Athame

The ritual knife, like the wand, is a tool that directs energy in ritual, and may also be used to draw the circle before ritual and close the circle

Witches Pentacle

The pentacle is an important symbol-bearer in Witchcraft, normally inscribed with a pentagram, though other magical symbols may be present. The pentagram itself is a five-pointed star, drawn with