What is it about mirrors that can fascinate and frighten us?

They have been around for thousands of years in one form or another, and over time so many folktales and superstitions have been developed around them. Going back to ancient times mirrors were used to scry, this was a mystics way of seeing distant places, people and the future. The Romans believed that to break a mirror would bring bad luck for 7 years. There were also beliefs that the reflection bore the soul of the individual and by studying the person’s reflection could gain insight into their true nature. It is possible that this belief gave rise to vampires not having a reflection as they would have no soul. In the Jewish faith, it is important to cover all mirrors in a house where someone has died. If they are not covered the deceased may enter a mirror and become trapped, unable to move on. Monks would place tiny mirrors on a small slender stick which they could slide up beside their nose so they could see spirits in the reflection using their peripheral vision. Then we move into newer urban legends like standing in front of a mirror and calling for Bloody Mary three times.
Are mirrors a portal for ghost?
Many believe that mirrors can be used as a portal by ghosts and other entities allowing them to enter your home. Many reports have been made regarding antique mirrors and paranormal activity. Some legends say by sitting in front of a mirror in a darkened room with nothing more than a lit candle and gazing into a mirror will allow you to see spirits if they are present in your home. A more complicated version of the above is called the Psychomanteum or Apparition booth. This a darkened room with a series of mirrors set up in a specific way to allow the viewer to see and even communicate with spirits. But what is it that allows the mirror this perceived power, is there something to all of this? I have in my time as a paranormal investigator had my share of strange occurrences with mirrors. In one investigation of a family under siege by spirits a great deal of activity had to do with an antique mirror in their bedroom. The first thing to happen was each time this malevolent spirit seemed to show up there was a heavy thump from the master bedroom. In one of these events the home owner who took it upon themselves to constantly carry a camera everywhere in the house was near the bedroom when he heard this sound and a moment later snapped several pictures of the bedroom. One photo which showed the mirror displayed a strange scene in the reflection. Under later analysis the image in the mirror showed a woman in an old style dress coming down an ornate staircase, two open doors with a tall man in a black suit stood in this doorway with his back to the scene and a small child with a toy or doll looking up at him. Nothing like that in the bedroom would produce such a reflection and was unexplainable. The first speculation was the mirror was a doorway. After a few months of study I found a location that fit the reflection in the mirror. The haunting was taking place in a town house that was once the servant residence for a grand old mansion. When I finally entered the mansion’s main floor, there it was, the same stairway and the two doors, it was an exact match. But how could a scene in a house a 1000 yards away play out in a mirror in a second floor bedroom? So I decided to conduct an experiment by covering the mirror with a thick black cloth in hopes of closing the doorway. Funny thing about closing doorways as I and the home owner quickly learned; as to all the banging and furniture moving in that bedroom it would be wise to only close a doorway when the spirit has left the house in question. Seems we had sealed his exit. So what is it about mirrors, specifically older mirrors that seem so attractive to spirits? Well most older mirrors have a silver metal coating back and silver is a very interesting metal. Seems that silver atoms and there electrons are not densely packed. Electrons interact with light waves which cause the electrons to move and thus cause the light waves to reflect. Interestingly the electrons can match the speed of the visible and slower infrared frequencies and reflect them back, however in the case of ultraviolet light frequencies these are much to fast and pass through the mirror. Silver which is used in a great deal of these mirrors have the highest electrical and thermal conductivity of any metal on the periodic table and one of the greatest optical reflectivity available. It also has the lowest contact resistance of all metals. Remember light is an electromagnetic field and silver is electrically conductive which will cancel the field and cause the wave to reflect away from the mirror. I have theorized for many years now that spirits have an electromagnetic field in the higher ultraviolet range of frequency. If this is the case the conductivity of a silver back mirror would be attractive as a doorway and the fact that if these spirits operate at higher UV frequencies they would not cancel out but rather pass through the mirror with ease. Just a theory, way more experiments to go on this one.

Enchanting Mirrors

Enchant the mirrors in your house to give everyone who looks into them a boost in their self esteem/body image.
Place a candle on the stove to symbolize the hearth fire tradition
Make a magic welcome mat that draws in good company and keeps away the bad
Pay close attention to the sort of energy your decor creates and adjust it to help create the energy you want in your home.
Is the TV the center of your home? Electronics can drastically change the feel of a space, try moving it to a less central spot and focus your rooms on something else
Playing music and changing the scent in a room can suffice for a quick energetic shift. Try setting a small pot of water with cranberries, orange peel, cinnamon or mint on the stove to simmer.
Get rid of stuff! I say this for people like myself who have trouble letting go of anything. Your stuff hangs onto energy. Gifts from people you don’t like? Stop being polite and letting their energy invade your house. Chuck it. Anything that reminds you of past relationships can go. In fact, cleaning house post breakup is super important! Get rid of any lingering reminders, wash their smell out of everything and clean your mattress thoroughly.
If it’s broken do away with it. I know, I know, you’re planning to get around to fixing it eventually. How often do you actually do that though? If you aren’t willing to sit down right now to fix it you probably won’t ever get to it. Throw it away or give it to someone who will have a use for it.
If you haven’t used it in the last year, chances are you won’t use it in the next year either. Get rid of it.
Make a habit of de-cluttering in small ways every day. Don’t let the mail pile up, clean up dishes left in odd rooms, pick up laundry, and just generally put things back where they belong. This goes a long way toward keeping the energy flow moving through your home smoothly.
Put bells on your doors. Bells help to clear energy, every time you open a door that room gets a little cleansing boost. 

See the Demon in Yourself with a Mirror’

You will need the following items for this spell:

Blue LED Lights (older the better)
Or a old TV that has a blue no signal screen
Night Time
Complete Darkness (until use of blue light)
In the shadow of the earth(night) get to small room, or a very big room no in between. Have a mirror in front of you. Turn all lights off and get used to the darkness. Best to do it late night so you are tired. Pay attention to the colors in the dark, you need to at least have the third eye halfway open to get the energys in your control. For more instruction on that look for Colors Of Power. Collect Blue; the color of knowledge. Look deeply and closely at the mirror and look for your reflection. Then turn on the blue light source. Blink deeply and look for an image made of blue over your reflection. Meditate staring at the mirror and see what your dark side is. Try not to freak out, it will look at you. But it can’t do nothing to you. But through you, at this point your only looking at it not embracing. Please do contact me to tell me what it looked like. I have begun a study to find out what the characteristics of them are and the variety that exists. Mine was a skeleton. Fell back freaked out at first. Calm is always the right way.

What is Mirror Magick?

Mirror magick relates to any spell, divination, or spiritual communication involving mirrors. What’s great about mirror magick is that nearly everyone has a mirror in their home so it’s incredibly easy to get started! You don’t need a fancy mirror at all. Even a simple compact mirror carried in your purse or pocket can work.
Methods of Mirror Magick
There are countless ways to incorporate mirrors into your magick, many of which are great for beginners. Let’s take a look!
One of the most common forms of mirror magick, scrying is any divination that is performed by gazing. This could be gazing at a surface such as glass or a pool of water, a dancing flame, or the stars in the sky. To scry means “to discern dimly”, a fitting definition for an enigmatic act.
Scrying for Beginners Methods and Devices
Black Mirror Scrying

What is a black mirror, and what is it used for? The use of a black mirror in divination and spirit contact dates back to practices in ancient Greece. Black mirror scrying is often performed in a psychomanteum. This is a room that would be kept dark and fitted with a chair facing a black mirror. This mirror would be angled upward so as to reflect nothing but darkness.

While seated in a psychomanteum, even a novice could be guided to communicate with spirit guides, ancestors, and other unseen entities. In small-group dark mirror sessions hosted by occultist Rosemary Ellen Guiley, author of The Art of Black Mirror Scrying, first-time practitioners reported hearing disembodied whispers in unknown languages and drum beats from the ancestors of other participants.

That said, you don’t need a special room dedicated to scrying or a fancy black mirror to try it yourself! You can buy a black mirror online, create your own by painting a regular mirror, or use a reflective black crystal such as obsidian to perform your rituals.

How To Perform Black Mirror Scrying:
How to Use a Black Mirror
First, you’ll want to cleanse your mirror of any lingering energies as well as the area in which you will be performing your ritual. In a dimly-lit room, angle your mirror so that it is pointed up at a ceiling or a blank wall. The goal is to see nothing at all in the mirror’s reflection.

Once you’ve positioned your mirror, focus your mind’s eye within the mirror’s frame and try to enter a meditative state. You can burn incense or candles, play quiet music, or listen to white noise at a frequency of 432 HZ to help reach this state of mind.

Before your begin your session, be sure to set your intention. While some may wish to use their session to communicate with ancestors, others may wish to receive visions of the past or future. Keeping your intention in mind will help you to remain focused in your practice.

Depending on how you’re most sensitive to receiving messages, you may see images within the frame of the black mirror while scrying or hear sounds. You may even experience these sensations as though they are happening in your mind.

Protection and Binding

Mirror Reversal Spell
Did you know that mirrors are commonly-used tools in protection and binding spells?

Try placing a mirror on the outside of each window of your home, facing out. This will reflect magick attacks against your home and anyone who is in it. You may also place the image of a person who has harmed you against a mirror facing inward. In this manner, any energy they direct toward you is reflected back at them.

Otherworldly Portals
Mirrors are said to be portals into other worlds. In some superstitions, mirrors are kept covered so as to keep spirits and entities from entering our homes from other realms. It is also believed that you should never have two mirrors facing each other. In doing so, you turn two portals into an endless chain of them! Better not to take any chances!
Speak your intentions into existence while you look at yourself in the mirror! Shower yourself with compliments, look into your eyes, see the confidence and beauty you wish to embody, and believe it to be so. This is an especially helpful ritual for manifesting self-love and using other affirmations surrounding self-worth!
Love Magick. Speak affirmations into your mirror to boost self-confidence!
According to an old folk tale, sleep with a mirror under your pillow for three nights in a row. On the third night, you’ll dream of your true love! Another tale suggests walking backward down the stairs while looking through a mirror to catch a glimpse of your future spouse, but we’re afraid you have a better chance of catching your death trying that one!
Glamour Magick
Incorporate your mirror into your daily “getting-ready ritual” to make every day a little more magickal! By turning your morning routine into a spell to embody confidence, beauty, or that certain je ne sais quoi, your moisturizer becomes your battle armor, your highlighter is a veil of radiant energy, and different-colored pigments become palettes for a variety of color magick combinations. In this equation, your mirror is the altar on which you cast the spell that reveals your divine self. 

Mirror Divination

One of the most ancient forms of divination is crystallomancy or catoptromancy, performed with a magic mirror.

The Magi of Persia are said to have used mirrors, as well as the ancient Greeks and Romans.

In ancient Greece, the witches of Thessaly wrote their oracles in human blood upon mirrors.

The Thessalian witches are supposed to have taught Pythagoras how to divine by holding a magic mirror up to the Moon.

Romans who were skilled in mirror reading were called specularii.

In lore, mirrors are believed to reflect the soul and must be guarded against lest the soul be lost.

These fears carry over into superstitious customs, such as covering the mirrors in a house after death to prevent the souls of the living from being carried off by the ghost of the newly
departed; and removing mirrors from a sick room because the soul is more vulnerable in times of illness .

According to another superstition, if one looks into a mirror at night, one will see the Devil. In Russian folklore, mirrors are the invention of the Devil, having the power to draw souls out of bodies.

The Aztecs used mirrorlike surfaces to keep witches away.

A bowl of water with a knife in it was placed in the entrances of homes.

A witch looking into it would see her soul pierced by the knife, and flee.

According to another belief, witches have no souls, and therefore, like vampires, have no reflections in mirrors.

Medieval and Renaissance magicians often used mirrors, bowls of water, polished stones and crystals for divination, to see the past, present and future.

Village wizards frequently employed mirrors to detect thieves.

Whatever the purpose, the magicians would stare into the polished surface until they hypnotized themselves into light trances and saw visions that answered the questions that were put to them.

John Dee, England’s royal court magician in the 16th century, employed both a crystal egg and a mirror made of polished black obsidian, reportedly taken from Mexico by Cortés. Cagliostro used mirrors, as did the famous 16th-century occultist Agrippa.

According to one legend, Cartaphilus, the Wandering Jew, asked Agrippa in 1525 to produce a vision of his dead childhood sweetheart in his mirror.

Agrippa asked the man to count off the decades since the girl had died, and waved his magic wand at each count. Cartaphilus kept counting far beyond the girl’s death.

At 149, Agrippa felt dizzy but told him to keep counting.

Finally, at 1,150, a vision appeared of the girl in ancient Palestine. Cartaphilus called out to her—in disobedience to Agrippa’s admonitions—and the vision dissolved. Cartaphilus fainted.

Later, he told Agrippa he was the Jew who had struck Christ as he carried the cross and was condemned to wander the earth.

European royalty believed in and used magic mirrors.

Catherine de’ Medici, a devout believer in the occult arts, had a mirror that revealed to her the future of France.

Henri IV also relied on a magic mirror to discover political plots against him.

The medieval magician Albertus Magnus recorded formula for making a magic mirror: Buy a looking glass and inscribe upon it “S. Solam S. Tattler S. Echogordner Gematur.”

Bury it at a crossroads during an uneven hour.

On the third day, go to the spot at the same hour and dig it up—but do not be the first person to gaze into the mirror.

In fact, said Magnus, it is best to let a dog or a cat take the first look.

Mirror Curse


A mirror
Curse an enemy with a simple mirror hex.

Spell Casting

Capture your angered reflection in a mirror.

(Variations of this curse say to capture the reflection of the enemy with the mirror).

Cover immediately with a black cloth.

Go to a place where everything is dead and pour your urine on the mirror while saying:

“He who has a double name be said to put himself to shame and I who bring this prophecy, cursed be my enemy

Black Mirror Gazing

The black mirror is used very much like a crystal ball.

You can purchase, or make your own if you prefer!

Black paint on the back of a piece of glass is all this takes.

Use an old photo frame, paint the back of the glass and return to the frame, etc.

Gaze into the mirror, trying to find its center, and keeping your sight clear.

When you begin to see grey or white clouds, whisper your query, and see what the response is.

You can use the mirror to cast The Companion Quest but only do this if you truly want to invite a spirit or entity to come close to you.

Some have done this with success and are quite pleased with the result, but it’s a matter of how comfortable you feel about having an “invisible” presence that makes itself known, to you.

If talking to spirits is a matter of course for you, this may be nothing new or different, and you may even find the presence reassuring.

But as with anything else, be sure this is what you want (with your mind and with your heart) before you proceed.

Mirror Doorway in Witches Homes

It is recommended that you never allow a mirror to face or reflect a doorway or window.
If yours does, move it if possible.
If you cannot move it, use a sator square or similar protective talisman.
Mirrors are doorways and should not be taken lightly in a witch’s room.