Witchcraft The Disciplines

Hallowed Be Thy Name Hailed, and walled, with garnet and with topaz The Temples of my Family! Deep in scarlet velvet and in black Come lay with me Entwine

Guardian Totem

Place a small guardian totem such as a dragon or gargoyle and explain it’s duties. People will just think you like statues of animals, usually.

Witchcraft Supplies & Tools

The most important thing to note when getting into witchery is that supplies are anything at your disposal. You don’t need fancy materials. A simple candle or a small


In Witchcraft and magick, glyph is a term used to describe a powerful symbol that represents a person, place, or thing. When the glyph is consecrated, and/or acted upon,

Witchcraft Focus

Focus is rather difficult to describe in a linear fashion. It is achieved when you link emotion and intellect in one function for the purpose of actualization, by will,

Witchcraft Preparation

The preparation required of you when working magic, as well as ritual, if possible should be done with the idea of excellence kept clearly at the forefront of your

The Hermetic Principles

Witchcraft can be said to employ the Law of Attraction in a sense, though magic can be much more complex than simply focusing one’s thoughts on the desired outcome.