A Feather for your Altar

Some representation of air, commonly something scented like incense, essential oils, or smudges, or else a flying bird’s feather goes in the East, to represent Air. Sacred scents are

Pagan Witches Altar

An Altar is an Elevated place where ceremonies are conducted and where offerings are made to a deity or deities. The altar has ancient associations with the Goddess and

Ancestor Altars

The Samhain season is a wonderful time to create an ancestor altar in your home. This can be a permanent dedicated space to honor your Beloved Dead year-round, or

Basic Tools for an Altar

First of all, it is important to remember that tools, herbs, candles, crystals and so on are not actually necessary to work magic. Your own energy and the power

Magical Ways, The Altar

In basics, an altar is known as a  spell table or a magical work table. A great deal of magic does not need the presence of an altar, however

Basic Materials for an Altar

Altar Cloths. A variety of coverings, can be used for the Altar, depending upon the ritual and the season. Attractively patterned sarongs, are sometimes used for this purpose. Beverages.

Kitchen Altar

Kitchen witches spend much of their time in the kitchen, combining magic and cooking to create sacred food, spells and herbal remedies. The kitchen is therefore an ideal place

Witches Altar

An altar is a sacred place where tools are placed during a Witches’ ritual and magic. Traditionally, the altar stands in the center of the circle of energy raised

Empowering Your Altar

You can empower your altar, as a reflection of the positive aspects, of your changing life, by placing on it other small items, that carry happy memories for you.

Creating an Altar to Yourself

You may be uncomfortable with the idea of worshipping yourself or not feel you’re worth worshipping. That should change! Everyone has a spark of the Divine inside them. That