Iron Protection Ritual

Items needed:

Eight pieces of iron or iron nails

One black candle,

A dish of salt,

Protection incense.


Place the candle on the floor near your front door.

Encircle the candle with the iron pieces and then with a ring of salt.

Place the dish of salt on the outside of the circle to the west of the candle.

Light the incense and walk around your house with it as you say:

Let that which is unwanted be gone, Never to return from this moment on.

Return to the circle and light the black candle as you and say:

Into the flame, into the fire
Burns all that I do not desire.
To be purified by earth and salt
Evil energies now halt.

Rite of Metal

Once upon a time, magickal symbolism in jewelry, such as the pentacle, the Star of David, or even the Helm of Awe could render the wearer a death sentence.

Although we no longer live in the Dark Ages, the tradition of empowering gemstone jewelry rather than magickal symbols has persisted.

The empowerment process given here is appropriate for magickal symbol jewelry as well as those gemstone treasures from the Earth Mother.

If jewelry is second-hand, add lemon juice to the holy water.

Rub your chosen piece with a bit of the herbal cleansing mix you created on the first night, and place the jewelry item besides your “metal” candle representation.

You will need this recipe for tonight’s rite: Hold your hands over all items.

Take several deep, cleansing breaths.

Say the following conjuration, in your mind seeing all items aglow with white light:

One heart,

one mind,

one magick

One truth,

one body,

one energy

In perfect joy and perfect peace

In perfect love and perfect trust

I open the gateway of transformation

And call forth the power of Spirit Bringing the serenity of divine order To these gifts of the earth As above, so below.

With mortar and pestle, grind herbs together to a powder (or leave whole).

Mix with ground frankincense (you don’t need much).

Place the bowl on the altar or sacred area along with the candle, incense, magickal oil, your chime or bell, magickal key, and the jewelry to be empowered.

Dot the candle lightly with magickal oil (not too much) or “dress” in an enchanted manner you are most comfortable with.

Add a bit of the herbal mix to the holy water bottle, along with three drops of your favorite magickal oil.

Light the incense. Pass incense over the herbs, holy water, candle, and jewelry.

Say: Sacred smoke, I do invoke one heart, one mind, one magick. I cleanse and consecrate thee, Filling thee with the universal power of—- (you choose harmony, love, passion, etc.)

Light the candle.

Pass the flame over the incense, holy water, jewelry, and herbs.

Say Sacred flame in holy name One heart, one mind, one magick. I cleanse and consecrate thee, Filling thee with the universal power of—- (you choose harmony, love, passion, etc.)

Sprinkle jewelry with a bit of the holy water, saying: Liquid light, sacred sight One heart, one mind, one magick I cleanse and consecrate thee, Filling thee with the universal power of—- (you choose-harmony, love, passion, etc.)

Sprinkle jewelry with a bit of the magickal herb mixture, saying:

Enchanted flower,

lend your power

One heart,

one mind,

one magick

I cleanse and consecrate thee,

Filling thee with the universal essence of

(you choose-harmony, love, passion, etc.)

Take several deep, cleansing breaths, and relax.

Hold your hands over the jewelry, and speak the following incantation nine times:

The power of one

‘!the unity of two ‘!he trinity of three ‘!he stability of four ‘!he changes of five Six-center, earth to the sky ‘!he success of seven The mastery of eight ‘!he wishes of nine Spirit here will never end.

As you chant, see the purpose of going into the piece as if that energy is living light permeating and undulating around the jewelry.

Dot the piece with your magickal oil to seal your working, then lay your hands directly on the piece, close your eyes, and say: “Done! Thank  you!”

Ring your magickal bell matching your magickal number.

Draw a figure eight in the air over the jewelry.

Snuff the candle, and remove this candle from the altar.

The jewelry is now ready for tonight’s rite.

On a fresh white candle, inscribe the word metal with a pin, nail, or clay-inscribing tool

Scatter cleansed pieces of copper around this candle to increase the power of the working.

Place the candle in a safe holder, and light it.

Intone the following charm, holding your hands over the jewelry:

Gifts of metal, speak to me

Of flowing grace in energy

Of bringing thoughts to vibrant form Of symbols cast that can adorn

Yet carry secrets in their mist Of how to move and make the shift.

It always works.

Always a blessing! Remember to smile!

This charm is a riddle, and the word mist is spelled correctly.

It may take a while until the secret is revealed to you.

Be patient. The answer will come.

Meditate for fifteen minutes on the meaning of metal in the life of a spiritual person.

Allow the candle to burn completely.

Draw your own symbol that represents metal in your HedgeWitch journal.

Wear your chosen jewelry until the complete dedication is over.

At that time, you may wish to re-cleanse it or continue to wear the piece and re-empower every thirty days for maximum benefits.

When not in use, place the jewelry in a black bag to protect it from harmful energies.

Give the remainder of the herbs and holy water to the spirits out-of-doors, or create a conjuring bag of the herbs along with other ingredients, such as a lock of your hair and a petition to carry with you, that match the purpose of the original empowerment.

Before you drift off to sleep, close this evening by saying: Peace with the Gods Peace with Nature Peace within. It always works. Always a blessing.

Planetary Qualities of Metals

Ever since Vulcan, son of Jupiter, created thunderbolts in his underground forge, the power of metal magick as been a closely guarded secret.

In Western alchemy, it was believed that the metals found on earth were influenced by their corresponding planetary rulers.

Each metal was then named after a planet, imbued with the planet’s attributes, and incorporated into daily life through the days of the week.

By using the corresponding metal, one was supposed to be able to control the forces that prevailed each day.


The metal of the sun, gold governs Sunday and is associated with strength, power, success, achievement, wealth, and masculine energy.


The metal of the moon, silver governs Monday and is associated with the feminine mystique, intuition, instinctive wisdom, spiritual and psychic understanding, fertility, and magick.


The metal of Mars, iron governs Tuesday and is associated with war and aggression.

It also stands against injustice and exudes masculine force and power.


The metal of Mercury, it governs Wednesday and is associated with communication, business, selling oneself, and being heard.

It holds the power of influence.


The metal of Jupiter, tin governs Thursday and is associated with wisdom, idealism, expansion, and ambition.

It is good for legal problems and careers and is a masculine force.


The metal of Venus governs Friday and matters of the heart, love, emotions, lust, sex, and fertility.

It is good for relationships and health and is a totally feminine force.


The metal of Saturn, lead governs Saturday and is associated with change, transition, formation through restriction, and learning through trial and error.

It is considered to be related to the first law of Karma: limitation.