What is Black Magick

Alot of practitioners of magick will say there is no color in magick and that’s true to some extent. But that doesn’t mean the idea of black, white or

White Magick

White Magick focuses on positive intent or actions. Even with positive intent, white magic can be used to control the will of others. Because of that, it holds a

Magickcal Knowledge

White witchcraft is essentially the process of drawing on ancient wisdom and powers via the collective mind that we as individuals can spontaneously but unconsciously access in our dreams

Four Ways to Make Everyday Magickal

For some, magick isn’t something to be contained into back room rituals and secretive assemblies in the dark depths of the forest, it’s something to be celebrated daily and

The Crooked Path of the Outcast

One of the parts of strolling the Crooked Path that is once in a while tended to in books is the feeling of being an untouchable. What we’re discussing

Herbs In Magick

There is a long tradition of using herbs for healing, but they have many other uses. As well as healing rituals, you can place dishes of charged herbs near

Magickal Intentions – Hex Breaking

When people feel that they have been hexed, cursed, jinxed, or psychically attacked, an ordinary cause can usually be traced for the supposed hex. No matter how certain these

Magickal Intentions – Fidelity

Although magically forcing your loved one to remain faithful is violating one of the precepts of magic (harm none), there are herbs which can be used to gently remind

Magical Ways – Visualization

The most “advanced” magical technique needed in herb magic is visualization; i.e., forming a picture in your mind of your need. Many books have been written on this subject,

Magickal Intentions – Luck

Luck is simply the knack for being in the right place at the right time, saying the right things, and acting on instinct. If a person is not naturally

Magical Ways – Other Considerations

This is a convenient heading for a variety of short topics, as evidenced by the diversity of material below. When possible, bathe before performing magic. A sachet of purification

Magickal Intention – Healing

There are many herbs that aid the body’s healing processes. Some of these are multi-purpose and others specific. All can be mixed into sachets which, when carried, help the

Magical Principles

1. Magic is natural. 2. Harm none—not even yourself—through its use. 3. Magic requires effort. You will receive what you put into it. 4. Magic is not usually instantaneous.

Magickal Intention – Exorcism

This ancient form of magic comes in handy today—not necessarily to drive demons from people or buildings, but to clear away the negativity that daily living so amply provides.

Magickal Intent and Intensity

These are cornerstones of magick, because no spell can be cast without them. A spell’s purpose, or intent, is what that spell is meant to accomplish. A spell will

Magick Workings

Magic has been defined as the ability to create change by force of will and in some respects is not dissimilar to the power of prayer. However, in Magic,

Magick And Giving

It is said that if you smile in London in the morning, the smile will have reached Tokyo by evening. This principle, which lies behind all white magick, has

What is Natural Magick

Magick is a constantly flowing stream of energy. It is a  concentrated and channeled form of the life force that flows through all animate life forms, people , animals,

Magick And Responsibility

True magick is not like a cake in which everybody must vie for a slice or be left with none: it is more akin to a never-emptying pot. Like