Protection from Entities or Spirits

Witchcraft is as I have said many times before not a game and should not be taken lightly. I have read on other posts that some “witches” are asking for some form of protection as they believe that they are either being attacked or haunted by an entity or a sprit. I will let you into a secret here, and that there is no protection.

If you are one of these said people then you should think of yourself as being charmed and embrace the entity or spirit that haunts you, scary as it may be.

The whole point of practicing witchcraft is to seek out the hidden knowledge and what better way than to have your very own spirit by your side, if this shit sounds too real or scary for you then maybe witchcraft isn’t for you, however if you have what it takes to be a true witch then accept what has attached itself to you and let it into your life, learn what can’t be taught!


Separatio is a very, very old entity that exists in the gap between the light and the darkness.

This entity is neither good nor evil and has no true form with any discernible features. They are very rarely seen and only through the corner of the eye, they move very quickly and then disappear making you doubt what you saw.

If you are a practising witch or your life style choice is let’s say negative and you manage to see this entity on more than a few occasions then you should be extremely concerned, as this entity is in fact a reaper and is also the ruler of Purgatory. My advice to you would be to change your ways while you are still able; restore the balance in your life before it’s too late.

Dependence on Entity Use

Sometimes when we use things, we begin to incorporate
them into our lives. Soon we find it hard to think of a
time when we didn’t use such an item. We find ourselves
dependent on that item.
The same can be true when we start to work with the
entities that we create (and even the ones that we don’t). Of
course, depending on the level of dependency, this may not
necessarily be a bad thing. We have dependencies with all
kinds of things in our lives, and without them we may have
to function differently, and it may take us longer, but we
are still able to function. The dependencies that may develop
through working with entities may only reach that level. When we come to depend on entities more than most
other things, we may be putting ourselves into the path
of problems. Some people create entities that do things like
inspire creative thought or allow the picking of a winning
horse. For a writer, if the entity of creative inspiration
were to not work for some reason, after a long time of
reliable service, the writer may find him or herself in a real
predicament. The person that make his or her “luxury”
income through the earnings on horse betting, may soon
find themselves with a real problem when they start losing
money as opposed to making it. There is nothing wrong
with having a “mild” dependency on an entity that you
create, as long as you are still able to function in a normally
without that entity.
When you create an entity, do so with the understanding
that the entity is only here to help. The entity is
not here to do everything for you. If you follow this rule
of thumb, you should not experience any negative issues
when working with the entity that you create.

Entity Uses

The creation of magickal entities can be a very rewarding form of magickal working. One thing that people tend to state, over and over again, is the level of control over the magickal process that creating entities provides. This often leads to more favorable results in their workings and more workings in general.

Creating magickal entities can be as easy or as hard as you would like it to be. Even with the least amount of preparation, you can produce a “results-focused” entity. Of course, the more that you put into your entity, the better your chances are of gaining the results that you desire. Because of the flexibility inherent in their creation, magickal entities can be “custom-designed” to a very specific goal. With some magickal workings, you are limited to the results produced. With an entity created specifically for your goal, you have a better likelihood of the goal manifesting in the manner that you wish. Also, you have a better expectation of the results, whereas with other “generic” magickal workings the results gained may be close to what you had hoped for, but still not exactly as you had wanted or needed.

With some types of magickal workings, like sigils, for example, you receive “Point A to Point B” type of results. In other words, there is little room for adding additional parameters into the magickal working once it has been enacted. With magickal entities on the other hand, you have the ability to redirect the entity’s focus while the entity is actively working to produce your desired magickal results

After creating the entity, little of your own energy is required to produce the results desired. Because of this, you are able to devote your time and energy to other things as you wish. The entity will go off and complete the task that has been assigned to it. The more energy that you direct toward your entity—depending on the work at hand—the better your results tend to be.

Expanding on the dynamic possibilities of entities, a magickal entity can be used for several magickal tasks at the same time. For example, an entity that has the task of creating wealth can be used to make a company prosperous. At the same time, the entity can look after a person’s
personal assets. Often “general skilled” entities can be used over and over for magickal workings that are of a similar basis. An example of this would be the creation of an entity that is governed by the realm of happiness. This entity could be used at any time that a feeling of happiness was needed.

Magickal entities can be created to be “astral messengers.” These messengers can go out and collect bits of information that are of interest to the creator. The entities then can report back to the creator relaying all of the information that was gathered. This type of entity use can be
beneficial in times when someone needs to gather important information when under normal means it would be impossible, such as in making crucial business decisions.

An entity can be created to help you learn a specific skill. Often people will create what are often known as “teacher entities.” These teacher entities are created with all of the knowledge of a particular skill or area of interest. The creator will then go to the entity to have it help teach the creator the desired skill or knowledge. Teacher entities are like having your very ow n wise mentor at your disposal. These types of entities can be very beneficial when trying to learn new and complicated subjects.

For some people, it is easier to use entities to bring on magickal results. One of the reasons for this is because when using other forms of magickal workings, it may be difficult to know how the desired event will manifest. This often leads to failure, half-realized workings, or workings that are not performed. When working with entities, the mage is able to relate to a “being” doing the work. For example, in protection workings, it is easier for most people to envision a big bloodthirsty beast ready to devour any and all that wish to cause the creator harm; rather than trying to envision a glowing light of energy keeping “wrong-doers” at bay.

In some magickal philosophies, magi are trained to never perform magick unless a real and needed result is desired. They are often taught to never use their magick on simple whims just to see if their magick works. This limitation often leads to poorly trained magi, as they are rarely
able to practice what it is that they have learned. When the time comes to try to manifest something, they are often “rusty” or undereducated in certain magickal areas. When they try to put their skills to work, they often meet with
poor results.

Some magi create magickal entities solely as a means to hone their magickal abilities. By creating a magickal entity, they are putting many learned skills to work, while manifesting a real and needed result. The real and needed result is the creation of something that will allow them to expand their magickal abilities. Often these entities are dissolved soon after creation, as they serve no purposes other than to increase the mage’s magickal aptitude. Some entities, however, are kept as a magickal companion much like a witch’s familiar.

Magickal Entities can be used for finding rare books, for aiding in a job search, for helping sales of a product, for irritating an enemy, for protecting a house, etc. We have heard of magickal entities who help compress and expand time, assist in a speedy passage through rush hour,
and to ensure a business receives a payment for a product. Magickal entities are quite versatile.

Creating magickal entities can provide a lot of fun and excitement. The entity that you create is only limited by your imagination. For some, the simple knowledge that they are in control of an entity that they created can be the impetus for using this method of magickal working. Other people like knowing that they can be as creative as they wish to be. This is one form of magickal working that can be as exciting as the results that it produces.

Definition Of Entity

The entities that can be created, are thought-forms that have been selected to bring forth desired results. A thought-form is a symbol that represents a concept or thought for the person. A thought-form can be visualized by anyone and can represent anything. It is entirely in the realm of concept until the person makes the thought-form manifest into reality. That can be done through entity work as well as other methods. Through the deliberate actions and intentions of segregation and personification (separating the essential idea away from everyday concerns and giving it a personality, special characteristics, and associations to symbols), the thought forms will take on a conceptual form that will allow them to maximize the energy that they have received through your actions and intentions. By maximizing this energy you allow for very powerful actions to occur through creative processes.

All things that are created with the mind have the ability to manifest outside of the mind in some form or shape. The mind is a microcosm of the universe. That which affects the mind, has the ability to affect the universe.

People have created and worked with different types of entities far beyond recorded history. Many gods and goddesses came into being as thought-forms personified. This allowed humans to interact with and interpret cause and effect in the world in which they lived. Often these fledgling thought-forms were slowly transformed into the gods and goddesses that we know today by the general acceptance of the attributes given to events. As more people adopted those understandings of the events as actions of “things greater than themselves/’ the thought-forms gained momentum and energy from the people that understood them. Over time a single thought had transformed from one person’s
way of understanding the world, to what are now considered some of the most powerful gods, goddesses, demons, and spirits.

When someone says the word “familiar,” images of a witch’s black cat often come to mind. A “familiar” entity often aids witches in magickal workings. Sometimes they will help lend a hand in regards to an upcoming event. What most people don’t know is that the cat isn’t the “familiar”. The entity attached to the cat is the familiar. The “familiar” uses the cat as a medium so that it can effect the world around it and help the mage in his or her work. Even fewer people know that “familiars” are often created, and that witches are not the only people that create entities similar to “familiars.” Since ancient times the belief and use of entities, such as “familiars,” have been wide spread. Often people would house these entities in things other than cats, such as bottles, gems, statues, etc.

By taking specific thoughts and emotions and identifying them with things like names, symbolic attributes, etc., we are better able to work with them in a conscious manner. Therefore it is very important that we wisely choose our thoughts and the way that we understand them. If we do not understand our thoughts and emotions and try to use them for our own benefit, the results can, and more often than not, will be counterproductive.

Some people question the reality of entities created by our thoughts and emotions. Their understanding is that if we have the ability to create something with our mind, it therefore must be imaginary. This is, however, not the case. When someone studies magick long enough, they will come to the understanding that what is thought of as “self” and “not self” is merely an illusion. We only have company in life due to the illusion of being separated. Everything that we experience, perceive, or understand in any way, has been created within our own minds. The world as we understand it was created by us through our experiences. The world that we live in is only that of ourselves. Only we have the ability to change the things in our world, and our mind gives us the ability to do just that.

Everyday we, as evolving humans, learn something new. When we are presented with a new situation, we do our best to relate to this experience with the knowledge that we already have. As time goes on, we ma y find that our original thoughts and theories ma y have been incorrect and need to be changed a bit. We do not discard the experience all together as though it never happened. What we do is
note -what we have learned and adjust our understanding accordingly. Everything in the world as we know it has been constructed by the limitations of our ow n minds at the time that we experienced it. Thereafter, we merely build upon our own thought constructions for what we perceive to be “real” or the “truth.” Once you understand how to change you r perceptions, there is nothing in this world that your mind cannot change.

In relation to entities, this simply means that we really may not know exactly what entities are, but we know that they exist. As we learn more about them through our interaction and practice of working with them, we adapt what we have learned to fit into our new understandings or
our experiences.

You create entities and can accordingly determine what such entities will do for you. You don’t use the perception of belief with entities, but instead use the perception of attributes with your entity. To put it simply, you choose to perceive that an entity has specific talents about it that will help in your operations. Those talents are attributes that you have placed upon the entity. A thing to understand about entities is that they have different levels of intelligence. This intelligence depends on the type of entity

One way of understanding entities is that they are formed from the collective unconscious. When we specifically identify and give a certain type of energy human attributes, we are separating the energy from the collective unconscious and create a new being. This new being is still
interconnected wit h the collective unconscious, as we all are, but it is a distinct energy being.

Entities have the ability to draw on the collective unconsciousness when they are instructed to do so. By doing this, entities are able to learn new skills and gain information. This ability also allows for them to affect the collective unconsciousness in ways that will allow for their
tasks to be accomplished

If entities are formed from thoughts and emotions, what were they before they were formed? There are many different theories and understandings on this topic. Most of the theories seem to make a reference to a great mass of energy. Some often refer to this mass as the Creative Life Force. This energy, or Life Force, exists in all things and expands beyond human understanding. When a human decides to
give a part of this great energy mass a form, it establishes this small part of energy as a new spiritual being. This new spiritual being resides on a plane of existence that some magickal practitioners refer to as the astral plane.

The process is similar to when parents conceive a child. They take a part of the Great Creative Life Force and give it a form. This new form exists on both the astral and physical planes. An identity is established and furthers the creation of this being. The original energy from the Creative Life Force has not been separated from the rest, but it ha s been provided wit h an astral and physical “container” in which it can reside.

One way to look at it is to think of the thought, emotion, or both, as the equivalent to the male’s semen. The Creative Life Force is thought to be the female’s egg. When the two join, they form a being that combines the genetic code of both parts. This genetic code is the driving force and guide by which the entity shall “live its life.”

This is similar to the process of entity creation. You create an astral “container” for the great Creative Life Force on the astral world. Even though a portion of the Creative Life Force has been separated, it is still interconnected with the greater whole of the Creative Life Force.

Precautions when working with entities

When working with entities, it is important to be aware of
the consequences of this type of magickal working, just
like other forms of magickal workings, using entities comes
with both responsibilities and cautions.
This section is not here to tell you what you should
or should not do. It is here to make you aware of the things
that you may encounter while working with entities, and
things to think about when creating them. This section
serves as a guide for you to fully think out what it is that
you plan to do with your entity.
Laws of Cause and Effect
In some religious and spiritual circles the “Law of Return”
is a widely held and accepted doctrine. This “law” dictates
that whatever action is done by you, you shall receive back.
Therefore if you were to do good one day, you shall receive
something good in return, and conversely if you do something
bad, you shall receive something bad.
In Wicca they have something similar to the “Law of
Return.” They call this the “Three Fold Law.” They understand
this “law” to mean that what ever you do, good or
bad, returns to you with three times the strength. There
are differing views as to how and when you receive the
three-fold effect, but nonetheless most Wiccans agree that
such an effect occurs.
In some New Age groups the “Law of Return” is
referred to as Karma (the force generated by a person’s
actions to perpetuate transmigration and in its ethical consequences to determine the nature of the person’s next
existence). Some even understand Karma to act as a cosmic
score of “fate.” In other words if Johnny does good, he will
receive “x” amount of good Karma “points;” whereas if
Sally does something bad, she will receive “x” amount of
bad Karma “points.” Then, depending on person’s point of
view in regards to Karma, these points will gather until the
end of the person’s life and they will either be “rewarded”
with a better life in the next incarnation, or be “punished”
with a worse one. Others believe that you receive these
Karma “points” in this lifetime. Some refer to this line of
thinking as “New Age Karma,” or “Western Karma.”
The classical understanding of Karma is said to mean
“action.” Action in the sense of how a ball falls to the ground
after it has been thrown. Karma in this sense is a word of
understanding cause and effect, rather than a system of
punishment or reward. In this understanding, the punishment
or reward comes from the person’s ability to learn a
lesson. For example, say Johnny were to touch an iron and
as a result he burned his hand. The Karma in this example
was the burned hand. Now if Johnny chooses to learn this
lesson, and check to see if the iron is hot before touching it,
he has been rewarded by not receiving a nasty burn as he
had originally. On the other hand if he refuses to check the
iron before he touches it, he is punished by receiving a burn
the next time he touches a hot iron.
Regardless of what the system is named, “Law of
Return,” “Three Fold Law,” Karma, etc., it is used to teach
people the effect that their actions have. No matter how
foolish some of these “laws” sound or are, the fundamental
principle is to make the follower, student, mage, etc. learn
to understand cause and effect.
It is of great importance to understand what type of
effects your actions will have on the world around you. If
you are careless, you may find that your actions can have an unexpected, ill effects on those that you love and care
about. On the other hand, you may receive a great fortune
by what seems to be luck.
Amanda created a magickal entity, which would
slowly destroy a duplex. This entity also would torment
the downstairs inhabitants as well as make the upstairs
tenants uncomfortable in their surroundings, so much
that they would want to move. Unfortunately, the next
upstairs tenant was a good friend of Amanda’s. One day
when her friend was fixing the bathroom sink, it broke.
Several days later, when he was fixing the kitchen sink, it
also broke. A series of small mishaps at the duplex happened
to this friend. She did not think out what would
happen if a friend of hers ever would move in. This is an
example of why it is important to think things through
before creating an entity.
The reason for mentioning this here is to make you
aware of how the planning and creation of your entity
can affect things around you; for better or worse. We will
not tell you that is bad, or bad things are going to happen
to you, if you choose to have your entity cause harm or
misfortune to someone. It is not for us to judge—that is up
to you. However, you should completely think though all
of the possible effects that your actions, and those of your
entity, may have. Once you have thought through all of
them, and are satisfied with all known possible results, only
then should you proceed with your plans.
There are times when things may happen that you
did not foresee. These are times to learn how your actions
have caused an effect on something, and time to own up
to your actions. If you learn from these incidents, you may
be able to better plan your actions at a later time. Or you
may be able to accept that there are some things that are
outside of your ability to control at this time, and to take
responsibility for them when they happen. The primary thing that you should do is to plan your
actions so that you will have no guilt when they are acted
out. This will require you to think through everything.
Think through to the future and try to foresee any problems
that your actions may cause. See if you may have guilt in
the future. If you are unable to see—honestly unable to see,
and are not kidding yourself just to make something happen—only
then should you proceed with your plans.
If you find that after your actions you do have guilt,
the only thing that you should do is to correct the problem
through whatever means possible. This may mean that
you need to stop a magickal working that you have done.
This may even mean that you just have to accept what
has happened and move on with your life. But whatever it
is that you need to do, do it and take full responsibility of
your actions.
One last note about cause and effect: what ever your
entity does, it does because of you and your intentions.
Therefore do not fall into the false security of kidding
yourself by saying that since your entity did it and you did
not, you are not responsible for what happened.

Goals and Results when using Entity’s

What is it that I want the entity to do? How will the entity
accomplish this task? What variables do I need to factor in
so that the entity is successful? What is my timetable? How
do I insure that the entity is doing its task? How do I wish
the entity to appear to me?
These questions as well as others are important questions
to ask and answer. Take time to develop your answers,
be sure of exactly what it is you want to do with the entity
and make sure you impress that into the entity. These questions
will help you focus and attune your energy toward
achieving what you want with the entity and will also
insure that the experience is -well worth the time invested.
An important question to ask yourself is the following:
Is it worth it to conjure the entity and have it do the
task or are there other means to achieve my ends? Now it
may seem odd to ask this question in this book, but it is a
very important and valid question to ask. It is not to say
you shouldn’t create entities, but you should be certain that
it is justified. If you are one who likes to experiment, then
your justification is just that—in order to learn more about
entities, you work with them. By asking and answering
this question, you will insure yourself no regret, but
rather, a focused intent that will bring about what you
want in a manner that works for you. Any magickal undertaking
should be considered carefully and entity work
is no exception.
Picture in your minds eye exactly what it is that you
want. Try to see your desire manifested. See everything
that would be affected by it. How would you feel? What problems would this solve for you? How would it make
other people feel? Try to make the desire manifestation as
real as possible. Try to understand the feelings that you
would have once it has come to pass.
After you have crystallized your desire as much as
possible, for every conceivable aspect, write it down in as
much detail as you can. Write down the results that you
will achieve from the desire. Write your emotions and feelings
in regards to the desire that will manifest. Capture the
essence of wha t this desire will bring into your life. Make
this as clear and as detailed as possible.
When you have written all of this down, you have
taken your first step toward manifesting your desires. In
man y magickal systems, writing down the desire in as
muc h detail creates an astral “blueprint” for your goals.
This “blueprint” is the starting point for all things to come
into being.
One you are finished writing down everything that
you can think of, determine from wha t source your desire
will come, and the impact that the source ma y have. In
other words, if your desire wa s to receive a lump some of
money (yes, the standard “magickal how-to” example),
where would the money come from? Wovild you receive it
through the means of payment for an art sculpture that
you have recently finished? Would you find an envelope full
of money on your wa y to the park? Will the money come
from a disability settlement from the accident at work that
left you without the use of your right arm? Did yovi receive
it because a dear person to you died and stated in his or her
will tha t you are to receive the money?
As you can see, there are man y ways that you could
receive the lump sum of cash in a favorable way. You can
also see that there are numerous ways to gain the money tha t you ma y not like—like losing your arm, or the death
of a loved one. The purpose of this exercise is so that you can tr y to find the best, and second best, possible ways
for you to have your goal manifest. By doing this,, you
are trying to eliminate, to the best of your ability, any
“negative” source that you would not -want your desire to
manifest through.
When you have found the best ways for your desire to
come into being, write it down. Then visualize your receiving
your desire through the source(s) that you have chosen.
Does it feel right to you? Have you thought of everything
that ma y come from this source? If you can honestly say
“yes,” then that is the most logical source for you. If you
answered “no,” then keep thinking of a better source until
you have found one that works for you.
Now you should put the paper a way for a day or
two and tr y not to think aboLit your desire. It ma y be hard
not to, but do the best that you can. If you find yourself
thinking about it, acknowledge it for wha t it is and allow
it to pass.
What this will do, is allow your subconscious to figure
out the easiest and best wa y to manifest your desires,
within the frame work that you have provided. It will mull
over the details tha t you ma y not have thought about. It
will then decide if it is able to do it or not.
In some cases, your subconscious ma y need more
details. It ma y even suggest a different route to gain the
desires. All of this will help to lead you to the manifestation
of your desires. This is called the “incubation stage.”
After a day or two of allowing your subconscious to
build a plan, take out the paper and review wha t wa s written
down. Does wha t you have written still make sense to
you? Is this still wha t you want? You ma y find that wha t
was written is still exactly wha t you want. You ma y also
find that you wan t to add or subtract a few things, but that
over all the idea is sound. Still you ma y find that you were going about obtaining
the desire the wron g way. You ma y now have fresh
new ideas to tr y out that will better your chances at attaining
your goals. Others will find that, after taking time out
to “incubate” their thoughts, their written desires really are
not wha t they truly want. New ideas and thoughts ma y
come to the surface.
Continue to develop your magickal goals and desires
until you are honestly happy with wha t you have. It is
then that you can begin to design an entity to bring your
desires and goals into manifestation.
We mentioned the need to define possible results and
outcomes from using the entity. This does not mean you
should lust for results, i.e. expect that a result will occur
instantaneously and that your problem will be solved. This
is not to say that you should not think about it, just don’t
think about the results all the time. This ma y cause you to
be disappointed when the results you expect don’t happen.
Magick is a subtle force and shows itself in subtle ways.
When working with an entity, you should certainly have
an idea of wha t kind of result will come about through
the use of the entity. Just don’t let that result become an
obsession. Further, recognize variations of the result you
wanted. Sometimes you won’t quite accomplish wha t you
set out to do, but the result can still be useful to you In the “lump sum of cash” entity example from
above, you have decided to make the entity’s task to influence
people to bu y your sculpture. You can then look at the
task and decide that the entity’s general realm of influence
is “sales.” This would mean that the entity is knowledgeable
in the art of selling things. Once you have the general realm
of influence, you can use that information to think about
and gather correspondence ideas for later incorporation
with the entity.
For the “lump sum of cash” entity, with a general
realm of influence in “sales,” you ma y start thinking of
things, like orange—for attraction, rose pedals—for love or
admiration, etc. These ideas will be things that you can,
and should, use when creating your entity. Later we will
discuss how to incorporate these ideas into your entity.
After you have figured out the general realm of intent,
it is time to create the specific realm of influence. Going back
to our baseball player example, his or her specific realm of
intent ma y be “the pitcher for the New York City Screaming
Eagles.” The journalist’s specific realm of influence could be
“star reporter for the Orlando Music Press.”
The “lump sum of cash” entity could have a specific
realm of influence of “attractor of and seller to purchasers
of fine art.” Armed with the specific realm of influence, we
are able to start to develop the entity’s statement of intent,
which will become the core—or DNA, if you will—of the
entity. The statement of intent for this entity could be “To
influence and attract fine art purchasers that are willing
and able to purchase my sculpture for price that I set.”
Now you have the core of the entity’s existence
defined. This will make it much easier for you to create
your entity. It will also improve the likelihood that your
magickal working will produce the results that you wish to attain.

Naming an Entity

Naming an entity can be one of the most difficult things to
do for some magi. Some, unnecessarily, agonize over what
type of name would give justice to their creation. Others are
afraid that they are not creative enough to come up with an
original name. Still, others fear that the name that they pick
will conflict with preexisting entities.
For most, however, naming an entity is just as easy
as breathing. There really is no reason why you should feel
any differently about the subject. There are many different
formulas and methods that you can employ to help you
come up with a name that suits your entity.
One of the easiest ways of naming an entity is to derive
its name from the statement of intent. This is done by first
taking the statement of intent, “To influence and attract fine
art purchasers that are able to and that will purchase my
sculpture for the price that I set,” for example, and removing
all of the unneeded words like “a,” “the,” “and,” “that,” “of,”
etc. Ideally you should have around three to nine words left,
for example “influence attract fine art purchasers able will
purchase the sculpture price I set.” As you can see from the
example, the “three to nine words left” rule of thumb will
not be valid in every case.
Next, you will take the first letter of the remaining
words, and combine those letters together to form the entity’s
name. So in our example, we would have “iafarawpmspis.”
As you can see, this name is very unintelligible and not
easily pronounceable. In this case, we will further reduce the
name down by removing all of the repeated letters. When
we do this, we come up with “iafrwpms.”

The result is somewhat more manageable, but lacking
some vowels, it is still difficult to work with. In such cases,
we will want to add vowels that will allow for us to create a
name that is pronounceable. Choosing the extra letters can
be done in many different fashions. One of the easiest is to
pick and choose the letters that you think will compliment
the name the best. Another way is to choose the letters that
have numerical symbolism that will bring the full name to
a number, via numerology, that resonates with the entity’s
task. For our example, we will take the numerology route,
which gives us “firiwaspim” with a numerology equivalent
of the number 6 (magnetic, sociable, artistic, etc.) using the
Pythagorean system of numerology. Now, this is a little
bit easier to read and say, but we are going to take it a bit
further and split the name into two. Doing that gives us
“Firi Waspim.”
Sometimes you may want to name the entity after
it’s function, like “buy a new car.” You may want to spell it
backward like “rac wen yub,” and combine them to form
the name of “Racwenyub.” The names ma y be long, or un –
pronounceable in the long-form. If this is the case, it is OK to
break the name up like “Racwen Yub,” or “Rac Yubwen.”
The reason for spelling the words backward is to free
your mind of the name’s meaning and also to give the feeling
of “antiquated” names of spirits of old often found in
spell books and such—this is not necessary, it is merely a
point of personal taste. Some magi feel that working with
entities with “odd” names seem to help them in focusing
on the magickal working at hand, while others feel that it
hinders them. Use what feels and works best for you.
What ever type of naming convention you use, it is
a good idea to try, if possible, to somehow incorporate the
entity’s task into the name. This will serve to further the
entity’s connection to the desired task and will build power
in the use of the entity.

One thing that should be mentioned here, is that you
should be wary of any negative feelings that you get from
a name, whether you constructed the name from scratch or
simply chose describing words. If the name feels negative to
you, or has negative descriptive words, it may hinder your
magickal workings. This is not to say if you are constructing
an entity to curse someone or thing that it should not
sound negative in general, rather the name should not feel
negative to you—the one working with it. If it does feel
negative to you, in other words, you don’t like the name
or it leaves a bad feeling when saying or working with it,
then you should not use it. For if you do, you may begin
to resent your entity, and your magickal -working may not
manifest in the manner in which you had hoped. Always
t r y to name your entity with a name that you like and that
feels good to you when you work with it.
Of course, you do not have to name your entity at
all. Some very successful entities have never been named.
Naming them, however, affords them personality. Since we,
as humans, tend to have an easier time relating to things
that have names.
Names also allow us to have control over that which
is named. In some magickal traditions, names are symbolic
of the thing that is named. Because of this, by naming a
thing—or entity in this case—you can guide it to do your
wishes. That is an important thing to keep in mind when
creating your entity—after all, you are creating it to serve
you and your wishes.

Your Entity’s Appearance

There are many different ways to come up with an appearance for your entity. A rather simple way is to take its general realm of influence and look for symbolism that ‘would afford a good appearance. You could also think about the entity’s task and then design an appearance that would be best suited for completing the task successfully. The list is seemingly endless.

We will focus on a method that is not well documented on general occult circles. This method creates the entity’s appearance from the letters of its name. You do this by taking the name and turning the letters into symbolic
representations of the astral body parts of the entity. The first letter represents the head area, and the last letter represents its foot . The remaining letters represent different parts between the head and foot regions. The amount of detail depends on the amount of letters that are between the first and last letters—the more letters the finer the details, the fewer letters the more general the details.

In our example, we will use numerology as our symbolism. In numerology, specifically Pythagorean numerology,
each number is assigned to a letter of the alphabet and is viewed as feminine or masculine. Every number has a
specific “characteristic” which can lend to us an idea of what the entity can look like.

Our example entity, Firi Waspim, has the letter “F” as a head and the letter “M” as the feet. So, looking to our numerology, we see that the letter “F” is the number six. The number six, which is feminine in nature, will provide our entity with female-like features in the face. Since the number six is associated -with occupations like artists, host/hostess, advisers, public speakers, etc. we can start to visualize the facial features of people that fill those roles. The letter “M” is also feminine by nature due to its association with the number four. The number four is related to the occupations of architect, sculptor, TV or radio personality, etc. We will continue to do this for the rest of the letters in the entity’s name. You -will find that in numerology a number can represent different many different things. It is up to you to decide which aspect that you wish to have associated with your entity. For example, we have chosen the following associations for our example entity:













Upper Chest

Arms/Hand s

Lower Chest


Buttocks Area


Shin Area


6 (Feminine)—

9 (Masculine)-

9 (Masculine)-

9 (Masculine)-

5 (Masculine)-

1 (Masculine)-

1 (Masculine)-

7 (Masculine)-

9 (Masculine)-

4 (Feminine)—











We have chosen professions that we feel will add to the entity persona, and provide us with an idea of what it should look like. We can also look at the amount of feminine and masculine letters/numbers that make up the name to find out its sex. In our example we have a greater number of masculine letters/numbers than feminine letters/numbers, so our entity is male. You can use any system that you feel comfortable with to use as the symbolism for the letters. For example a mage that is versed in Norse Mythology ma y want to use some incarnation of Runes. Another mage, knowledgeable in the Kabbalah, ma y wish to use the Hebraic alphabet to aid in his or her creation of his or her entity’s appearance. The important thing is to use what ever feels right to you,and -works best for you. Even though our example suggests that our entity is anthropomorphic, this does not have to be the case. In many books entities often take on shapes that are not found in our common everyday lives. Some of these entities were half beast or half animal. Other entities were completely alien in appearance. You ma y create your entity’s appearance in any form or fashion that you would like. An important thing to remember, besides doing what feels right and works best for you, is to make sure that the appearance of your entity is in harmony with its realms of influence. It would be counter productive to have an entity that beautifies things to look so horrible that you could not stand to look at it. Unless you have a specific reason not to, you should try to keep your entity’s appearance related to its task(s). Think of it like this, lets say you took your car to an auto-mechanic’s shop. You notice that all of the mechanics are wearing three-piece suits. You also notice that this is not the first time that they have worn these suits—they wear them all of the time. There is never a speck or spot on them. Would you feel comfortable taking your car to this shop? What kind of work could you expect from it?

There is nothing saying that this may not be the best shop in the world, but by going on looks alone, you ma y have reservations about having your car worked on there. This is something that you should think about when constructing our entity’s appearance. You should make sure that you are satisfied with the appearance of your entity and that it is right for its task(s). This will make it easier for you to do the magickal working at hand

Housing your Entity

One of the easiest ways for people to interact with entities is to evoke the entity into a physical item. Usually, the physical containers of entities resemble the entities themselves. It is thought that as long as the physical container resembles the entity as much as possible, the entity “will feel encouraged to stay in its physical representation.

Using objects as the physical bodies of entities is very effective for magickal workings because it calls upon the instinctive and intuitive behaviours from our childhood. Children are born with the ability to give life to things. An example of this is the ability to give life to their toys; they are so good at this that they even have the ability to hear them speak. The way that a child creates an imaginary
friend is similar to the manner in which you would create an entity.

Using images as a focal point of entity communication is nothing new. Catholics pray to Saints, Jesus, Mary, etc. by using paintings, statues, and altars to aid their communication. This technique of working with entities has been used for thousands of years by many
different cultures.

Making a physical object have an entity live within it can be as simple or complex as you want it to be. The basic requirement to animate an object is to treat it as though it were already alive. Once this basic requirement has been understood, it can be dressed up as fancily as you would like, though you are not required to do so. Because of its ease, many people may not acknowledge their effectiveness.

The technique noted above is very similar to the way witches create familiars. Alchemists have used the technique to impregnate their formulas with entities. This technique has been able to remain “occult” (i.e., hidden or secret) due to its simplicity. It is a classic case of hiding something in plain sight. It has been disregard because of its simplicity, and thus remains a very effective and powerful occult technique.

What attracts entities to take up residence in physical objects is the sincerity and devotion of a person wishing to have such an entity. The person, of course, must have firm faith and belief in the presence of the entity. Ritual, to create an entity or otherwise, helps to express this sincerity and devotion. Rituals can also be used to confirm the person’s faith in the entity.

Entities respond very well to the idea of “like attracts like” (i.e., that the more two things resemble each other, the more likely they are to relate to one another). Having understood this, it becomes very important to carefully choose the symbols and characteristics of the physical object within which you wish your entity to reside.

Nearly anything can serve to house an entity. If you can identify it, it can be a suitable home for an entity, although some objects are better than others. Objects that are harmonious with the entity’s realm of influence are a better choice than those that are not.

The size of the entity’s home is not of great importance. What really matters is the shape, appearance, and the substance of the home. The object should be of a size that is convenient to work with. When selecting a suitable home for your entity, you have two choices. The first choice is to select a prefabricated object. This can range from statues of all shapes, sizes, and substances to pictures, paintings, candles, rocks, buildings, balloons, books, glasses, computers, animals, plants,talismans, dolls, telephones, crystals, or even a remittance envelope for your business bearing your entity’s programming symbol on it. The second option is to construct the housing using your knowledge of the entity’s personality, a realm of influence, and other occult virtues.

Whatever the object is, it must be one that is attractive to you. It must stir feelings of interest. If the housing seems lifeless or uninteresting, it will be a poor home for the entity. To be effective, the housing must have qualities that make you wan t to interact with it.

It is better to avoid objects that resemble a living or dead person that you know in any fashion or recognize. This will help you keep your work -with your entity as pure as possible. If such objects are used, you ma y confuse the energy of the person with that of the entity. This may cause ill effects on the person that the object resembles. Of course this does not apply if you are intentionally trying to create an entity that is to have a bond with the person represented by the object. Entity housing can be formed from just about anything.
The important thing to remember is to choose materials that will withstand wear, tear, and repeated handling for the life of the entity.

Some have entities that are housed within their voice, coming forth only when he says specific words, while others go into a more sight oriented manifestation, like paintings.

If you are artistic, you may -want to create the object yourself. By doing so, you are unconsciously forming the entity in your mind. This will serve to strengthen the bond between the entity and yourself. Also, in this way the object will resonate deep within your psyche and improve your workings with the entity.

When creating an object for the entity to live in, you may want to plan for a cavity in the object that will allow for you to deposit items vital to the entity. For example, you may want to place the entity’s task and programming symbol on a small scroll and place it inside the cavity. You
may want to have an area that you can place blood, semen, or other fluids during the ritual giving life to the entity.

There are many other reasons, if you choose to have one, for leaving a cavity in the entity’s housing. If you are constructing the entity’s housing, you may wish to incorporate a color, or colors, that correspond and are harmonious to the entity’s realm of influence. If you
are not sure which color or colors to use, choose something that is attractive and pleasing to you.

You may also wish to use astrological times when creating the entity’s housing. Magickal workings can be greatly influenced if they are used. On the other hand, it is not essential to use them either. As a matter of fact, the magickal working can be greatly simplified if they are not
used. It can be helpful, however, to do workings during the proper phase of the moon, and on days that are harmonious
with your magickal endeavour.

In ancient times people would use stones and crystals, with appropriate attributes, to bind an entity to a plant that had similar attributes to the entity’s realm of influence. As long as the plant and stones were harmonious with the entity, it would use the plant as a home while working with the person that bound it. The stones served to charge the plant with the energy of the entity and with its realm of influence. If you have a green thumb and a bit of ingenuity and creativity, you could do something similar.

Once an entity has been provided with a physical body, it tends to respond and perform better than a disembodied one. Also, an entity with a physical body tends to show more interest in human experience. Therefore, an embodied entity will actually want to help you in your efforts. This will provide the entity with the human experiences that it soon grows accustomed to.

Not all entities require housings. Short-term entities sometimes have a life span that is so short that a physical housing is not necessary. For those types of entities, it may be better to link (or “house”) them to aromas. The aroma could be inhaled during the creation and evocation of your entity. You may even wish to anoint a physical housing, if one is used, with the selected aroma. Remember to choose one that that is appealing to you and is harmonious with the entity’s realm of influence.

You may want to consider constructing a shrine for the entity. The entity’s housing serves as the “physical body” of the entity, while the shrine serves as the “house” of the entity. The shrine does not need to be detailed or elaborate. Again, the most important things to remember are to make sure that it is pleasing and attractive to you, and that it fits the personality of the entity and its realm of influence. You
may even wish to make your shrine “portable.” This will allow you to move it, or keep it out of sight.

Whenever you attempt to create an entity, the physical object in which it is to reside, or both, use personal judgment and intuition. There are many correspondences with specific meanings and uses in most, if not all, magickal systems.

Because of this, it may be difficult to decide which one to use. If you have a general idea of what the entity’s realm of influence is, this will help narrow down the choices that you have. In any rate, use your own mind to guide you and never act as a slave to any magickal system.