Candle of Love Spell

length of red silk cord,

Love-drawing oil.

Love-drawing incense

One red candle that will burn for at least seven hours.

Begin this spell on a Monday during the waxing moon.

Place the red candle in the centre of your altar and light the incense.

Use a pin or sharp knife to etch the names of each person into the candle.

Dress the candle with the love-drawing Oil as you chant:

Candle of love, work me this spell,
That the one I do love will love me as well.

Light the candle. Pass each poppet through the smoke of the incense and then through the candle flame as you say:

Air and fire, bring forth my desire.

Place the poppet that represents you seven inches to the left side of the candle and the poppet that represents your loved one seven inches to the right of the candle.

See in your mind’s eye the one you love as you chant the following seven times:

I enchant you by earth and heaven
Turn to me, turn to me, turn to me by seven.
Through moonlight and the black of night
All of my love you shall requite.
[Insert name] think of me with loving pleasure
As you turn to me by daily measure.
Now turn to me, turn to me
For this I will, So Mote It Be.

Let the candle burn for one hour.

Repeat the spell exactly as you have just done it for six consecutive nights.

Each time you do the spell, move the poppets one inch closer to the candle.

On the seventh night the dolls should be touching the candle, but not to the point that they will catch fire.

At this time you will allow the candle to burn out.

As soon as the candle has extinguished itself, use the red cord to bind the poppets together face to face.

Conceal the dolls in a place where you and your loved one will meet.