Dream Incantation’

You will need the following items for this spell:

B.O.S/Dream Journal
Blessed Pen
1. Think what you want to ask
2. Take out your B.O.S/Dream Journal
3. Write an incantation (its kinda short spell or message)
Ask Your Future:
”Guardians of the dream world I would like to see my future.
So mote it be.”

P.S. This spell is use to ask the dream world guardian to tell us what we want to know. You can ask everything like animal totem, future, guide, 

Dreams of Apparitions

These dreams involve people who are dead, whether you know the person or not. The prevailing theory is that in some form, some aspect of that person is actually communicating to you through your dream. Apparition dreams may or may not be purely symbolic, but all apparitions come specifically to convey a personal message. This personal message may not be for the dreamer, though. It is common, for example, for apparitions to appear to people who didn’t know them very well, and to usually give a message to the dreamer to pass on to the loved ones the deceased left behind. Most often, this message is to let the family they love know that they are happy and to get on with their own lives.

Clairaudient Dreams:
These dreams involve sounds in which you can clearly hear information.

Clairsentient Dreams:
These dreams involve clear empathic feelings or sensations about an event that is occurring as you dream it.

Clairvoyant Dreams:
Clairvoyant dreams are dreams that occur simultaneously with the dream experience of the event you see. There is absolutely nothing you can do about changing or preventing anything you see in a clairvoyant dream. Clairvoyant dreams are almost always experienced exactly as the event actually happened, involving less purely symbolic information than other psychic dreams.

Premonition Or Precognitive Dreams:
These are also called futuristic dreams sometimes. They tell us what might occur in the future, not what will necessarily occur. They can be entirely straight forward, or purely symbolic. Precognitive or premonition dreams can be used as tools to prevent or change future events. If you take them as a warning ahead of time, they give you the option to change events.

Telepathic Dreams:
These are dreams in which communication is made directly from one energy source to another without any mechanical assistance of any kind. 


Dream Work in Magick

Dream work is another relevant practice. Dreams reveal a great many “secrets” about ourselves and our thought processes. Even the most mundane dreams can possess enlightening revelations. By keeping a dream journal and working on interpreting them you may come to find some useful tidbits of information buried in your psyche.

This exercise may prove fairly difficult, especially if you have trouble remembering your dreams. If that is the case, first look into and practice ways in which to increase dream recall. Dream work can also become very intense for some; nightmares may be prevalent or implications and fragments of painful repressed memories may be unveiled.

To induce dreams specifically targeted to aid shadow work, try creating a bedtime ritual of sorts. Experiment with different herbs to combine and use for tea, light a candle programmed with your intention, evoke related spirit guides, reflect, meditate, etc. For best results, make it a highly customized ritual to be performed only when you deliberately want to induce these types of dreams, which often times may be intense and even exhausting– not something you generally want to experience every night or anytime you perform a bedtime ritual. 

Prophetic Dreams

Dreams have always been the most enigmatic part of our lives. We have seesawed from the ancient belief that dreams were our direct connection to the supernatural, to today’s modern skepticism which sees dreams as being a result of a combination of daily experiences, conversations, and diet. The truth, in my opinion, probably lies somewhere in between.

Dreams reflect our emotions and experiences, but they can also be of a prophetic nature, or even harbingers of danger. Dreams can help us solve seemingly impossible problems, by allowing our unconscious mind to work out a solution, unfettered by the limitations of the waking state. Recurring dreams often show us the strong and weak points in our personalities. They also can reflect situations, problems and/or relationships that have yet to be worked out successfully in our waking life. Sometimes dreams recur because the messages they contain either haven’t been understood, or are discarded upon awakening.

By the time we’re 75, we’ve spent close to 25 years asleep; of this 25 years, we’ve dreamt for nearly 10. While sleep is imperative for our bodies to grow, rejuvenate and heal; we should also attempt to use this time to better understand daily life and our experiences within it. In so doing, we can heal our mental and emotional states as well as our physical state.

Dream Work

Dream work is another relevant practice. Dreams reveal a great many “secrets” about ourselves and our thought processes. Even the most mundane dreams can possess enlightening revelations. By keeping a dream journal and working on interpreting them you may come to find some useful tidbits of information buried in your psyche.

This exercise may prove fairly difficult, especially if you have trouble remembering your dreams. If that is the case, first look into and practice ways in which to increase dream recall. Dream work can also become very intense for some; nightmares may be prevalent or implications and fragments of painful repressed memories may be unveiled.

To induce dreams specifically targeted to aid shadow work, try creating a bedtime ritual of sorts. Experiment with different herbs to combine and use for tea, light a candle programmed with your intention, evoke related spirit guides, reflect, meditate, etc. For best results, make it a highly customized ritual to be performed only when you deliberately want to induce these types of dreams, which often times may be intense and even exhausting– not something you generally want to experience every night or anytime you perform a bedtime ritual.


WHEN YOU SLEEP…. Did you know that when you sleep you place your hands on the parts of the body that require healing?

1. Above your head: you seek greater spiritual connection.

2. In the chest: you have feelings that you still need to heal.

3. Stomach: anger & furious feelings.

4. Between the legs: fear, feelings of emptiness.

5. Sex organs or near them: sexual problems and lack of expression.

6. Under your pillow: hidden emotions, not showing what we really feel or our true intentions.

7. Hugging yourself: lack of affection or support from your loved ones.

8. Shoulders: exhaustion, lack of

9. The hands between the head and the pillow: there is tranquility within you.

If you don’t place your hands on your body while sleeping it means you are fine and in peace with yourself.

If you hug your partner, It means nothing but the love you have for them

Dreams of Witches: The Meaning of Meeting Mystics While Asleep..

Dreams tell us a lot about ourselves. They can take us to other far away places, other realms of existence, other universes. Sometimes they can even predict the future or clarify things in the past. More often, our dreams introduce bizarre, enchanting, and sometimes otherworldly beings to us. If you’ve been having dreams of witches and you want to know the meaning, read on..

If you’ve come here looking for a meaning to your witchy dream, than you likely at least believe our dreams can show us hidden truths about ourselves. Perhaps they show us things we’ve hidden deep in our psyche that are trying to come to the surface. Maybe they reveal suppressed memories. You would be like the majority of people and acknowledge a psychological aspect to dreams (of which I believe in too!)

But you might also believe in a spiritual aspect to dreams – that dreams allow us to travel to other dimensions, meet otherworldly beings, be visited by passed loved ones, foretell the future, and clarify on the past and present. If you ask me, I believe dreams are all of these things and more. And, to be honest, sometimes dreams are so bizarre they might not truly mean anything! I would ask you to determine what it is you believe your dreams tell you. What YOU believe dreams actually are. Are they messages from the universe? From your higher self or spirit guides? Are they your subconscious trying to communicate with your conscious mind?

Now let’s talk about dreams of witches…

The word witch is translated many different ways but has its root in the words wicce and wit…both of which basically mean wise. So, if you didn’t already know, witches aren’t necessarily people or beings to be afraid of. They aren’t going around eating babies or making sacrifices in the forest (most of the time, that is LOL). The witch’s job, in the past and today, is to aid their community in healing, cleansing, protection, fortunetelling, and more.

The witch represents wisdom. Consider what the witch is doing in your dream…do they say anything to you? Do something to you? Give you something? The bottom line here is, the witch in your dream might be trying to give you a piece of advice that you need in a complicated situation you’re currently going through. They often try to reveal deeply hidden truths to the dreamer. This will be particularly evident if the witch in your dream gave you something like a book, a candle, a deck of cards, or some other gift that symbolizes clarity or wisdom.

Witches in Various Dreamworld Locations
Depending on the setting in which you meet your dream witch will give you an interpretation. Here are a few common witch dream settings:

A witch walking along the seashore might indicate you have buried emotions that are trying to come to the surface or unrequited love

Witches in the woods might indicate you have a big transition or change coming up in your life (and it could also mean you are being called to practice the craft)

A witch walking through the cemetery indicates your ancestors are trying to grant you their wisdom

Dreams of witches in magical shops or bookstores might mean you have a new project or career path to tend to

A dream of a witch in your own home, depending on if its light hearted or scary, means someone new has come into your life OR someone is working against you

Being in a witch’s home in your dream means you have a lot to learn

Witch Dreams that TERRIFY: The Night Hag Attack and Sleep Paralysis
Sometimes dreams of witches aren’t mystical and whimsical, they’re the exact opposite. Terriying and terrible. I can’t lie and tell you that every witch in the dream world is out for your own good. There are many spirits on the astral plane that take on the image of others…including witches.

Did a witch attack you in your sleep? Sit on your chest, choke you, and try to squeeze the life out of you? This is called a Night Hag attack. Otherwise known to the scientific community as sleep paralysis. I have had these types of dream attacks since I was in my early twenties. And while I’m used to them now, they’re still rather unpleasant to deal with. But what is the meaning behind a witch attacking you in your dreams?

We could write it off and say it’s simply a sleep disorder, but I believe there’s more to it than that. Night hag attacks are often a sign that someone is out to get you…maybe professionally or maybe personally. They might even (knowingly or unknowingly) be sending bad juju your way. Time to spiritually protect yourself.

And still others say when a witch chases you or attacks you in your dreams, it’s a sign that your deepest feminine urges have been suppressed for far too long. That this aspect of you is trying to claw its way out. Consider exploring what shadow of yourself you’ve been hiding from the world.

Naughty Dreams of Witches
Are your dreams of witches more on the naughty side? Do you wake up sweaty and all worked up? What is that witch doing to you?

Sure, the naughty witch in your dream could very well be a witch projecting her image into your dreams from somewhere far away. OR it could be a sexual fantasy that you’ve been suppressing subconsciously that’s trying to tear its way out into the real world through your dreams. If this dream repeats itself, think about what side of yourself you are hiding…particularly when it comes to your sexuality and/or your own self image and power.

When a Witch is Laughing in a Dream Meaning
Common dreams of witches involve the witch laughing at the dreamer. There are a couple different meanings here. But first, answer this question – is she laughing AT you in a maniacal or evil way? Or did she tell you a joke and you’re both laughing together? The context of the dream is EVERYTHING when interpreting your dreams for yourself.

If you answered the question as the witch is laughing at you, this means you’ve made a bad decision in life OR are about to make one. Tread lightly on making any rash emotional decisions in the near future. She is warning you of potential disaster.

If you answered the witch is laughing with you, this is a good sign and means you are on the right path in life. And that a period of learning in your life is about to begin.

Initiation: Magical and Mysterious Dreams of Witches Covens
Once I dreamed that a witch in a dark green hood led me into the deep woods. I didn’t know who he was or where we were going, but I trusted him. He led me to a clearing with a candle-filled table and there were other witches around us (a coven). There was one candle that hadn’t been lit. And he called me to light it together with him.

In another dream of a witch, I was brought into a wooden shop deep in the Black Forest. It was filled with sunlight, plants, wildlife, and people. I knew it was my very own witchy shop on the astral plane. There were other witches there with me, who were coven-mates, friends, and co-workers. It was one of the best dreams I’ve ever had in my life!

So, here’s the rub. If you’ve had a dream of witches that seems mysterious, mystical, or magical in its very nature…then that’s exactly what it is! I’ve found that the witches on the astral plane, our mighty dead (witch ancestors), and familiar spirits will sometimes come through to us in our dreams to teach us something. To lead us to an initiation of sorts. Whether you’re brand new to the path of the witch or experienced, mystical dreams of witches are almost always exciting and are a sign the otherworldly witches are with you!

Sometimes our dreams are memories of past lives…

Dreams of a Past Life as a Witch
Sometimes dreams give us a glimpse into our past lives or possibly future lives, for that matter. Dreams of past lives as a witch are common…if you’re a witch in this life. These dreams will be obvious in that you feel the dream is real and seems to be in another time and place entirely. And you are physically there but in a different body, strange style of clothing, or you’re potentially being called or accused of being a witch. You might even find yourself in the middle of a Witch Trial in your dreams.

To put this simply – dreams of being a witch in another time period or place are typically not just a dream but a memory. My advice here is to write it down before you forget! These memories might be resurfacing to teach you something in this life. Or even to warn you not to repeat the same thing in this life that you did in that other life.

What to do if your witch dreams are violent and repeat
Because I am a witch and I know the ways in which witches work, I can tell you that sometimes (but rarely) witches have the ability to project themselves into other people’s dreams. Sometimes this is done with intention…sometimes it is malevolent in nature. Maybe you’ve done something wrong to her and she is seeking revenge. And sometimes it’s done unintentionally. Meaning the witch herself doesn’t realize she’s walking into other people’s dreams while she’s “out and about” at night.

If you find your dreams of witches are particularly terrifying AND they are recurrent, you can do a few things to protect yourself. And prevent these dreams from recurring.

Clean your bedroom from top to bottom. Declutter under and around your bed.

Next, you’ll choose some method of spiritual purification. You can smoke-cleanse, use an herbal spray, etc. And cleanse your space thoroughly.

Last, place a glass or bowl of water under your bed before going to sleep at night. I also recommend placing a piece of black tourmaline near the head of your bed and any other protective charms or symbols you feel drawn to use.
Don’t think about this dream that’s brought you fear. The more you feed into the fear, the bigger the fear grows. You are POWERFUL and strong and above any dream!

Black Bat Dreams

Black Bat Dreams speak of forthcoming personal disasters so be diligent in discerning if it is time to conduct a spiritual cleanup of your self and surroundings.

Conversely, seeing a Bat in your dreams could be symbols of individuals in your sphere who are ‘energy vampires’. These people will suck you dry of any resource (financial, emotional and mental) you have.

Blind as a Bat Dreams – This is a literal symbol alerting you to stay alert regarding a situation you might be walking into ‘blind’. Take this an omen to pay close attention and be extremely discerning when investigating and considering all the facts hidden and obvious.

White Bat Dreams – White is the colour of purity and ascension so dreams about a white bat may symbolise the death of a person close to you.

Bat Dreams

Note: Not all dreams about Bats are morbid. Depending on other factors of the dream, your subconscious or higher-self could be sending a gentle and humorous message to let you know that you or someone close to you is acting a little “batty”.

When Bat wings its way into your dream time it represents potential that hasn’t been tapped yet. Whatever you were doing in the past is NOT who you are today. If you are considering any type of contractual negotiations, read carefully between the lines.

Dream about Bats can be powerful omens of negative energy. But this is ONLY because society has vilified these amazing animals. Bats are associated with tales of vampires and other demonic entities. Because of this Bats symbolise being internally (mentally, emotionally and spiritually) ‘unclean’.

Herbs Associated with Dream Magick

The following list contains many of the herbs traditionally used by Witches and other magickal folks in dream magick, followed by their various applications:


To prevent nightmares, fill a white mojo bag with as many anise seeds as it can possibly hold, and then sew it to the inside of your pillowcase. This simple, yet effective, Witch’s spell from the Middle Ages is said to ensure pleasant dreams. Scatter the leaves of an anise plant around your bedroom to keep yourself protected against evil influences while you sleep.


To induce dreams of a prophetic nature, place seven leaves from an ash tree beneath your pillow before going to sleep. The ash tree, which was sacred to the ancient Teutons and symbolic of their mythological “world tree” known as Ygdrasill, is also said to offer protection against nightmares, dreamcurses, and all psychic attacks that occur while one is asleep and most vulnerable.


To induce dreams of a prophetic nature, place bay leaves beneath your pillow before going to sleep. It is said that bay leaves, when cast into a fire on a night of the full moon, can enable one to see the future in a dream. The use of bay in divinatory rites and dream magick can be traced back to the ancient Greeks, who believed it to be sacred to their god Apollo.


If you are faced with a problem to which you cannot find a solution, an old magickal spell suggests placing the root of a bracken underneath your pillow just before you go to sleep. Occult folklore holds that the root of this plant will bring forth a dream that will contain the answer you seek. In addition, many Witches and other magickal practitioners use bracken for protection against evil and negative influences.


To induce dreams of a prophetic nature, mix a pinch of dried buchu leaves with a pinch of frankincense. On a night of the full moon, light a charcoal block (which can be bought at most occult shops and religious supply stores), place it in a fireproof incense burner, and then sprinkle a small amount of the herbal mixture upon it. For best results, do this in your bedroom prior to bedtime.


When burned as incense, the wood of the cedar is said to “cure the predilection to having bad dreams,” according to the late author Scott Cunningham in his book, Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs. Sleep with cedar twigs beneath your pillow to help awaken or strengthen your psychic powers. A cedar branch hung above your bed will protect you against evil forces while you sleep.


Also known by the folk-name “five-finger grass,” the cinquefoil is said to assure restful sleep when put into a blue mojo bag and suspended from the bedpost. Place a sprig of cinquefoil containing seven leaflets beneath your pillow before going to sleep in order to dream about the man or woman who is destined to be your marriage mate. This simple method of amatory dream divination is centuries old.


To induce dreams of a prophetic nature, place some heliotrope leaves beneath your pillow prior to bedtime. A full moon is the ideal lunar phase in which to do this. If you have had personal possessions stolen from you and desire to know whom the thief is, heliotrope may help to induce a dream that reveals the true identity of the culprit.


An old Witch’s method to induce prophetic dreams is as follows: Without speaking a single word, gather together nine holly leaves at the witching hour (midnight) on a Friday. Wrap them in a white cloth and then tie nine knots in it. Place the charm beneath your pillow prior to bedtime, and whatever dreams you experience during the night are likely to come true.


According to Scott Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs, “To make all your dreams come true, burn the leaves [of a huckleberry plant] in your bedroom directly before going to sleep.” After seven days have passed, that which you have dreamt shall be made manifest.

Hyacinth For the prevention of nightmares, grow a hyacinth plant in a pot and keep it as close to your bed as possible. When dried and burned as incense prior to bedtime, the fragrant flowers of the hyacinth are said to help induce pleasant dreams. Should you awaken from a depressing dream or nightmare, the smell of a hyacinth in bloom will help to lift your spirits.


For restful sleep and pleasant dreams, sleep with a blue mojo bag filled with jasmine flowers beneath your pillow or sewn to the inside of your pillowcase. Scott Cunningham says, “the flowers are smelled to induce sleep.” To induce dreams of a prophetic nature, burn a bit of dried jasmine in an incense burner in your bedroom just before you go to sleep.

Lemon Verbena

For a dreamless slumber, fill a gray-colored charm bag with lemon verbena and wear it on a string around your neck when you go to sleep. Additionally, drinking a bit of the juice extracted from the plant is said to help suppress dreams.


The mandrake is unquestionably the most magickal of all plants, and the part of it most commonly employed in the casting of spells is its mysterious root, which bears a curious resemblance to the human form. It is said that sleep can be induced by the mere scent of a mandrake root, and when one is suspended from the headboard of a bed, the sleeper is guarded against all manner of harm—both natural and supernatural. Rub a mandrake root upon your Third Eye chakrabefore sleeping to induce a prophetic dream of your future lover or marriage mate. Caution: Mandrake possesses strong narcotic properties. Handle with care and do not ingest any part of the plant!


To induce dreams of a prophetic nature, scatter the flowers of a marigold under and around your bed before turning in for the evening. This plant is also said to induce dreams that reveal the true identities of thieves, as well as to offer protection against sorcerers who work their black magick through dreams.


To induce dreams of a prophetic nature, fill a blue or yellow mojo bag with mimosa flowers and then place it beneath your pillow before you go to sleep. According to author Rosemary Ellen Guiley in The Encyclopedia of Witches and Witchcraft, blue is the color associated with psychic and spiritual awareness, and prophetic dreams. However, in his book on magickal herbs, Scott Cunningham lists yellow as the color corresponding to divination, psychic powers, and visions. I, personally, have always used blue or purple for this purpose, but you may use whichever color feels right for you. In addition, anointing your Third Eye chakra with an infusion of mimosa prior to sleeping helps to facilitate dreams containing prophecies.


When placed beneath a pillow at bedtime or put into a white mojo bag and attached to the bedpost or headboard, the leaves and berries of the mistletoe plant are said to prevent nightmares and insomnia from interfering with one’s sleep. In keeping with ancient Druidic tradition, use mistletoe that has been harvested with a golden blade on either Midsummer or the sixth day following the new moon.

Morning Glory

To safeguard your sleep against nightmares, according to occult tradition, fill a white mojo bag with the seeds of a morning glory plant and place it beneath your pillow just before going to bed. In addition, morning glory seeds can be added, either alone or with other dream-magick herbs (such as anise, mistletoe, mullein, purslane, rosemary, or vervain), to dream pillows for the same purpose.


Of all the herbs associated with dream magick, mugwort is by far the most popular and the most potent. To induce dreams of a prophetic nature, stuff a dream pillow with mugwort leaves and then rest your head upon it to sleep. Other ways in which to induce dreams that reveal the unknown or things that are yet to be include the drinking of mugwort tea and the anointing of the Third Eye chakra with a dab of mugwort juice. Mugwort can also be made into an incense, which, when burned prior to sleeping, aids in astral projection and lucid dreaming, and summons forth dreams that facilitate spiritual and psychic growth.


To prevent nightmares, stuff a white mojo bag with mullein leaves and then place it beneath your pillow just before bedtime. According to herbal folklore from centuries gone by, mullein also protects a sleeping person from all manner of evil and negativity. Hang mullein over your bedroom door and windows to keep nocturnal incubus and succubus demons at bay.


To induce dreams of a prophetic nature, place a white onion underneath your pillow before bedtime. This practice is believed to have originated in ancient Egypt, where the onion was at one time regarded as being highly sacred. For protection against evil influences while you sleep, cut an onion in half and keep it close to your bed. Many modern-day practitioners of herbal folk magick continue to subscribe to the old belief that halved or quartered onions work to absorb evil, negativity, and disease.


For protection against incubus demons, fill a white mojo bag with peony roots, coral, and flint, and then anoint it with three drops of myrrh oil. Pin the mojo bag to your nightgown or pajamas, or attach it to a string around your neck, and wear it throughout the night as you sleep. Rest assured that no incubus would be able to seduce you.


To induce dreams of a prophetic nature, many Witches stuff dream pillows with the fragrant leaves of the peppermint plant. According to an herbal from olden times, the scent of peppermint “compels one toward sleep,” which is beneficial should you happen to suffer from insomnia or other sleep disorders.


To keep recurring nightmares from interfering with your sleep, place a handful of purslane flowers and leaves beneath your pillow prior to bedtime. According to occult tradition from centuries gone by, this herb also works to ward off evil spirits that prey upon sleeping mortals.


It is said that success in all matters of the heart awaits those who see a red rose in their dreams. If a single woman picks a red rose on a Midsummer’s Eve and sleeps with it tucked between her bosom, the man destined to be her future husband will appear to her in a dream.


To prevent nightmares, sleep with a mojo bag filled with rosemary beneath your pillow. It is said that he (or she) who sleeps with rosemary underneath the bed will be protected from all manner of harm while sleeping. To prevent a dead person’s restless spirit from haunting you by way of your dreams, cast a sprig of rosemary into his or her grave. According to occult lore, this will enable the spirit to rest peacefully.

St. John’s Wort

One of the most beloved magickal herbs of the ancients, the St. John’s wort has enabled many a young lady to capture a glimpse of her future marriage mate in a dream. To accomplish this, place this herb beneath your pillow before going to sleep. It does not matter which part of the plant you use, for all parts of the St. John’s wort are potent in magickal workings.


Many Native Americans believe that nightmares are capable of causing physical ailments and disease. To keep this from happening to you, go directly to a stream immediately upon waking from a bad dream and cleanse your body in the running water. Afterwards, in keeping with tradition, cast a handful of tobacco leaves into the stream as an offering to the spirit of the water.


To prevent nightmares, place a handful of vervain leaves in your bed, wear them in a mojo bag on a string around your neck, or brew them into a tea and drink it just before bedtime. To induce dreams of a prophetic nature, anoint your Third Eye chakra with vervain juice on a night of the full moon. Close your eyes, open your mind, and allow yourself to drift off to sleep. Upon waking from your slumber, take care to write your dream down on paper (or use a tape recorder) to prevent it from later being forgotten. If interpreted correctly, it will provide you with an insight to events of the future.

Wood Betony

To prevent nightmares or unpleasant visions from interfering with your sleep, pick some leaves from a wood betony plant and then place them beneath your pillow just before going to bed. When scattered on the floor under and around your bed, wood betony leaves are said to keep all evil and negative influences at bay.


Witches and diviners alike have long used the yarrow plant in a number of different ways to induce prophetic dreams pertaining to future marriage mates. The divinatory power of this herb is legendary throughout much of the world, and its strong magickal vibrations have made it a staple of folk magick since ancient times.

Hypnosis Lucid Dreaming Ritual

Mugwort Flower Essense Remedy

* A bathtub

STEP 1: Draw a warm bath just before going to bed. Add 20 drops of mugwort into the water.

STEP 2: Sit in the bath in quiet meditation to clear your mind, for about 5 minutes.

STEP 3: Visualize the dream you want to have… and see yourself interacting however you wish inside the dream.

STEP 4: Go to bed…and dream…


We have all had those dreams which we can vaguely remember and strive to figure out what they mean. So what are dreams? Dreams are the language of the subconscious, encoded in symbols, which is trying to tell you something as you sleep. I hope that this brief guide will help in this respect and will act as a few pointers in trying to understand them. First, it may be an idea to keep a pen and notebook by your bed. This is so that you can jot down what you can remember of your dream when you awake before it becomes forgotten.

Personally speaking, I have found that dreams can be interpreted at three levels:

Mundane – the everyday, e.g. dreams about work, paying that bill, etc

Psychological– This is where Archetypes can come into play, for example mother, father, hero, heroine, man, woman, queen, king etc.

Spiritual  These tend to feature gods and goddesses, powers etc

To understand dreams, it is helpful to look at Jungian Psychology. According to this, there are three aspects of the psyche or personality:

SUBCONSCIOUS (=Freud’s ID): All info we are not consciously aware of, but motivates much of our behaviour and thinking e.g. drives, repressed/suppressed experiences, data collected by inner awareness and reactions. Messages come across in form of language of symbols and dreams

CONSCIOUS (=Freud’s Ego): Awareness of what is going on around at present, either at home, office or traffic. Expresses through the personality, i.e. reactions and emotions to everyday events, like relationships, environment or situations, Also subject to defence mechanisms e.g. rationalisation and projection

SUPERCONSCIOUS (=Freud’s Superego): Links us to ‘Higher Self’ or Spirit. Aspect we refer to as Divine and Spiritual i.e. higher thoughts and feelings, mortality and ethics, conscience etc. Utilises symbols like subconscious to give answers to problems. Part of us that is Inspiration, Originality and Imagination.

In addition to this, there are other factors to consider such as:

EXTRAVERT/INTROVERT: Outward going/Inward looking e.g. flamboyant/shy

PERSONAL UNCONSCIOUS: Forgotten or repressed memories, recalled if needed.

COLLECTIVE UNCONSCIOUS: Reservoir of latent images in our mind or psyche stemming from our ancestors i.e. the ARCHETYPES, which can be divided into four separate types:

Persona/Mask – Outward face we present to the world, actor of the personality. Reveals or conceals our true self. Allows society to conform, letting role we play dominate

Anima/Animus – Feminine/Masculine side. Unconscious ‘mirror image’ of our conscious gender i.e. the Goddess/God within

Shadow – Animal nature, like ID. Destructive, aggressive urges. Dark side of the personality. All is well if the ego and shadow are in harmony.

Self – Unites personality, giving sense of oneness. Self actualising i.e. realisation of ones potential in the scheme of things.

How does this work? If we take a dream about a house for example, it is said to represent the mansion of the soul. If it has three levels, the basement would be the subconscious, the first floor the conscious, and the second floor the superconscious. You would then need to interpret the dream by what is found at all three levels. So a cellar could be repressed memories, a kitchen could represent the hearth or heart and the upstairs could be your higher self.

Dreams such as falling, walking down the street naked, the queen coming for tea etc are all fairly common. As are dreams of a bill not being paid, work, the boss, family etc. These could denote worries of a mundane nature that are maybe playing in the back of your mind, so you need to address them. For psychological dreams, you need to think of whom persons such as the queen could be or mean, it could be a mother in law or another authoritative female figure like a boss. However, some dreams are spiritual; these are the ones that feature gods and goddesses, you having powers, etc so take note here, as you could be given powerful messages from the Divine. Dreams such as this can also be prophetic.

To interpret dreams, you may also find it helpful to find a Dream Dictionary to explain the quick meaning of some of the symbols. As for books, I can recommend Dr Anne Faraday’s Dream Power and Dream Game, and Nerys Dee’s Your Dreams and What They Mean. If you wish to interpret dreams by yourself, you may wish to ‘replay’ the dream in your mind and concentrate on a certain element or feature, what does it mean to you? Though it may sound silly, ‘talk’ to a particular object or person to see what they mean. What does it or they say? This is the method that Dr Anne Faraday recommends, and it is based on Gestalt Psychology

You also need to remember that there are a couple of stages of sleep, the main ones being REM or Rapid Eye Movements, which is when we actually dream. Then there is Non-REM or Non Rapid Eye Movements, which is when we are drifting off to sleep or when we have ‘chatter’ playing in the back of our minds, for example, everyday thoughts going through our head, this is our mind literally sifting through information.