Witches Candles

Witches’ candles can be used as a source of light, as devotional symbols of deity, as a means of communicating with Spirit, and to aid transformation in many spells.

Candles have a magical way about them as they allow us to work directly with the element of Fire.

Witches work with a variety of candle colors, depending on the deities being represented and/or invoked, as well as any particular magical purposes of a ritual or spell.

Candles are a simple and direct way to work with color magic.

Candles used in the Craft do not need to be fancy or expensive, though some Witches like to have one or more large, long-lasting candles for use on the altar.

Candles used for specific spell purposes are usually left to burn out on their own, and so for practical reasons tend to be smaller.

Beeswax, tapers, votives, and tea light candles can all be used, though many shops sell individual candles sized and colored specifically for spellwork.

These tend to be no more than 4 inches tall and less than one-half-inch in diameter.

Witches will generally distinguish between candles used for specific ritual purposes and more “multi-purpose” candles used for additional lighting during spellwork (or simply to enhance any evening atmosphere).

Candles consecrated for magical use are therefore not used for any other purposes.