Hedge Witches Candle Spell

Take a candle of an appropriate colour to use in your work.

As a very basic guide, red is for love and passion, pink for emotions, blue for healing, green for the environment, brown for animals, yellow for inspiration, purple for magical strength, black for release of negativity.

White candles are used for purification, and they can be used to replace any other colour that you may not be able to obtain.

Alternatively, you can always use wax crayons to decorate or colour your candle as you see fit!

Sit with your candle and meditate upon the work that you wish to achieve.

Then, stating your intention clearly, pour your energy into the candle.

Allow the energy to flow from your hands into the candle.

When you have poured enough into the candle, you can then add more strength to it by carving words or symbols into it, still holding your intention.

Then, place the candle in a holder and light it with a match.

As you strike the match, keep your intention in your mind, and as you bring the match to the candle’s wick, visualise the power of fire igniting your work.

Sit before the candle and meditate upon the flame, still holding the visualisation of the end result of your spellwork coming to fruition.

You can add herbs around the base of the candle, if you so wish, to allow them to add their magical energy to your work.

You can infuse the herbs with your intention and energy in exactly the same way as you did the candle.

See with your mind’s eye a cone of power rising from the herbs around the candle, blending with the candle’s flame and sending the power out into the world.