Elemental Candle Colours

Each of the four elements – Air, Fire, Water and Earth – is represented by a single candle colour – yellow, red, blue and green.

A coloured candle representing each of the elements can be placed at the four main compass points around the circle to mark the quarters – East, South, West and North.

You can place the elemental candles either on the edge of the circle in sturdy floor-standing holders, or on small tables or plinths at the compass points.

Though each element is represented by a single candle, you can use a second to increase a particular element in its own quadrant of the circle or use the elemental colour in all four quadrants.

So, for example, if you were carrying out a Fire spell, you could use four red (or gold or orange) candles and begin the ritual facing South.

Some practitioners invoke Fire to conquer floods and Water to conquer drought but I believe that each element can most effectively counter excesses of itself.

Light elemental candles after the altar candles, after you have cast the circles but before lighting any wish or astrological candle. Begin in the North, with a green candle.