Banishing Techniques

Best done at a waning or new moon – used to get rid of negative energies or spirits Tools needed: Athame, Broomstick, Candles, Cords, Gobi Dirt, Incense, Mirrors, Spells,

Thieves Vinegar

This banishing concoction gets its name from a folktale that tells of four thieves who, during the height of the Black Plague, would steal into peoples homes and rob

Candle Banishing

You Will Need: One Black Candle A Candle holder Matches Black or White pepper Salt A carving tool Anointing oil (this can be any kind of oil you prefer)

Reflective Banishing

You Will Need: A small mirror (craft mirrors with unfinished backs are best) Something to write with (sharpies or oil pencils work well) This is a very simple sort