Invoking Air


The direction of this Element is east and the colour usually associated with it is yellow.

Incense is often used to represent Air, since the movement of the air can be seen in the incense smoke.

When you are looking for inspiration, need new ideas or perhaps to break free from the past or undesired situations, you would use this Element.

The quality associated with it is that of thinking or the use of the intellect.

When working in a magical circle, Air is the second quarter on which you call for protection.

The sylphs are the Air spirits; their Element has the most subtle energy of the four.

They are said to live on the tops of mountains and are volatile and changeable.

They are usually perceived with wings and look like cherubs or fairies.

One of their tasks is said to be to help humans receive inspiration

The Elements of Air

The element of Air is vital to human survival, without it we would all perish, its aspects are Thinness, Motion and Darkness and its quality is Active. Air is the manifestation of movement, freshness, communication and of the intelligence. Sound is another manifestation of this element. As an element, it is invisible, but its reality can be felt in the air that we breathe in every day.

To connect with the power of this element, find a place with clean air and breathe deeply, touch a feather or inhale the fragrance of a heavily scented flower. Let yourself experience the energy of this element, and reflect that we also possess Air energy within ourselves.

In magical terms, Air is the power of the mind, the force of intellect, inspiration, imagination. It is ideas, knowledge, dreams and wishes. Air is the element of new life and new possibilities and is essential to spells and rituals of travel, instruction, finding lost items, some types of divination, and freedom. Air aids us in visualization, a vital technique in magic.

Air is a masculine element and governs the magick of the four winds. It is the vital spirit passing through all things, giving life to all things, moving and filling all things. Thus Hebrew doctors ascribe it not as an element but as a medium or glue that binds all things together.

The Element Air and its Natural Qualities

The Element of Air is a light, active element and is contrary to Earth. It is associated with the qualities of darkness, thinness and motion.


DIRECTION: East – the place of sunrise.
TYPE OF ENERGY: Projective.
BASIC NATURE: Flying, moving, fresh, intelligent, suspending. Sound is a manifestation of this element.
COLOUR: Yellow – the yellow of the sun, the sky at dawn
PLACES: Mountaintops, wind-swept plains, cloudy skies, high towers, airports, schools, libraries, offices, travel agencies, psychiatrist’s offices.
RITUALS: Travel, instruction, study, freedom, knowledge, recovering lost items.
RITUAL FORMS: Tossing objects into the air, suspending tools in high places, fanning light objects, visualization, positive thinking.
HERBS: Fragrant, as many flowers; pungent, as in culinary herbs such as dill; airy, finely-veined, or wind-swept; generally leaves.
STONES: Light stones, such as pumice; transparent stones, such as mica.
MUSICAL INSTRUMENT: Flute, all wind instruments.
CREATURES: Spider, most birds, winged insects.
SEASON: Spring – the time of freshness.
TIME: Dawn.
SENSE: Hearing, smell.
NATURAL SYMBOLS: A feather, incense smoke, fragrant flowers.
TYPES OF MAGICK RULES: Divination, concentration, visualization, wind magic.
GODDESSES: Aradia, Arianrhod, Cardea, Nuit, Urania.
GODS: Enlil, Kheohera, Mercurym, Shu, Thoth.


Air is the element of the East, connected to the soul and the breath of life. If you’re doing a working related to communication, wisdom or the powers of the mind, Air is the element to focus on. Air carries away your troubles, blows away strife, and carries positive thoughts to those who are far away. Air is associated with the colours yellow and white, and connects to the Tarot suit of Swords.

Witches Air

Air: to the witch self it is the vibration of the world, it is key to the natures of secret contracts and contacts, through air one can view themselves as the universe does, the tool that is air, is a secret gift to our nature for it is the 3 circles within this nature that make our magic ours and grand… there are a few keys to the use of air as it is the same as water and fire but , contains one more deeper truth if one dares… as a witch the elements are like a secret compass to our tools and nature as ones of magic.. with these methods we can act like invisible others and serve that nature that gave a candle light…. in all these simple yet profound toys we can play with in occult and witchery , it helps one who is humble towards their inner flame to see what Air share share with them….

AIR MAGICK, Knot the Wind

Items Needed.

Three-strand of blue cord.

A Compass.

The calling or raising of the wind is can be seen as a very outdated magickal process, initially used when the wind was vital for cruising.

Witches were reputed to harness the power of the wind in a knotted cord, and then promote it to sailors.

When untied, the first knot would bring a gentle breeze.

The second would bring strong wind, and the third a gale. Modern Witches use the knot spell to for inspiration and creativity.

To harness the power of the wind you will need a strand of blue cord and a compass.

Go to the highest hilltop you can find. Face the East.

Take a number of deep, cleansing breaths.

Maintain the cord above your head.

When the wind begins to blow, tie the first knot, as you say the following,

I knot the wind, The wind of desire, I knot the wind, The wind that shall inspire.

Repeat the above conjuration as you tie the second and third knots.

Take just a few moments to really feel the cleaning energy of the wind.

Ask the wind to free you from all adverse ideas and vibrations.

Take your cord and hang it above your desk or workspace.

Whenever you really feel the need for inspiration, untie the first knot and say the following,

I free the wind The wind of desire I free the wind My mind to inspire.

Air Incense and Fragrance

A listing of some of the incenses and fragrances associated with the element of air

Ambergris (love, lust)

Wear ambergris to attract love. Mix Ambergris with a small amount of vanilla, burn on the night of the full moon to increase passion.

Benzoin (purification, prosperity)

Burn benzoin to clear a room of unwanted vibrations. Mix benzoin with frankincense and burn during the new moon to clear confusion, and increase psychic powers.

Lavender (love, protection)

Wear lavender oil to soothe the mind and body, and bring visions of love. Mix lavender with sage and burn during the waning moon to purify and protect the home.

Pine (healing, money)

Burn to clear air and help with breathing problems. Mix pine with eucalyptus and burn to enhance life and bring money

Sage (wisdom, protection)

Wear sage oil to clear the confusion. Place sage leaves under a doormat to protect the home from negativity. Burn sage during the waning moon for protection and to clear the confusion.

Star Anise (psychic power, luck)

Burn or wear the seeds to increase psychic power. On a windy day scatter the seeds in the wind to bring luck.

Sweetgrass (spiritual attunement)

Burn sweetgrass to call in the s

The Elements of Wind, Its Powers, & Color

North Wind: is the color of pitch black.

The north wind is known to help in cleansing the negative energies that would get in your aura and or thoughts in the mind.

Good for any cleansing spell in retail or in spell casting.

East Wind: is the color of the sky or water and rich blue.

The east wind is good for adding power to water magic.

So to be used in healing magic to heal the aura and spirit and or body of disease and sickness.

South Wind: is a hot and powerful wind that is the color of a deep yellow.

The south wind is good for adding extra energy and power to whatever spell you use in spell casting or in retail work.

West Wind: is the color of light, which is pure white.

The west winds are good for changing your thoughts and aura and or chakras with a cleansing pure light of energy.

The west wind is good for any spiritual spells or rituals that have to do with light beings and or angles.

Feeling you with great joy and happiness and positive energy.

Working with Feathers

At times when working your craft with the element of air, bird may come into your mind.

After all, they spend most of their lives in the air.

They often “gift” us with feathers and these feathers can be honored as special Gifts.

Feathers have long been associated with the Air, Wind, the Mind, and New Flights, as well as at timesGods and Goddesses.

They have been used for different things and as gifts, they serve specific functions, and listed below are the most common.

A Direct connection to the Gods and Goddesses and specific Divine Forces.

A form of Divine Force the Creators take for flight.

A call to unfold your Wings and find the enchantment within your life.

A signal between Human to Human.

A reflection of change or an opening of consciousness.

Omens and signs.

A medicine or Quality you may consider developing.

Tools for Prayer, petitions, and alignment with Specific Natural Forces.

A link to Nature beings.

All Feathers may relate to the Human experience.

Every Feather can connect you to the Energies of species of birds.

Air is what separates Heaven and Earth and is the realm of the Bird which can move about easily in both.

Feathers can be a link between your Spirituality and your Physical consciousness.

Air in motion can be viewed as a force.

It can be the Wind and reminds us that we can fly using our Creativity and Imagination.

Air is essential to all life.

Whatever Energies are in the air, you Breathe them.

It can be a reminder to be aware of your surroundings as well as what you surround yourself with.