Kitchen Altar

Kitchen witches spend much of their time in the kitchen, combining magic and cooking to create sacred food, spells and herbal remedies.

The kitchen is therefore an ideal place to set up an altar, both for kitchen magic and honoring the goddess of hearth and home.

Making a Kitchen Altar

Depending on the size of the kitchen, an altar can be anything from the corner of a shelf, to a dedicated table.

The ideal spot for a focal point also needs to be practical and safe.

A witch does not want an altar where spillages or accidents can occur, but at the same time needs it to be within easy reach and view.

The altar can either be a space already in existence, such as the shelf of a dresser or a small table, or a newly created shelf, cupboard or shrine.

Many kitchen witches are creative craftspeople, so might wish to carve something to house the altar items themselves.

Alternatively, it is possible to ask a friend to make one or buy one made from sustainable wood.

Even shop-bought shelves can be personalized and made special by decorating them.

The shelf can be painted a suitable color, perhaps one sacred to a particular hearth goddess, and also embellished with rhinestones, shells, ribbons, and other trinkets.

Honoring the Kitchen Goddess

Most kitchen witches will work with several goddesses, but also have a dedicated goddess of hearth and home.

Choosing a kitchen goddess to work with provides a mentor and protector when weaving magic in the kitchen, be it cooking up successful, healthy meals or brewing medicinal potions.

The kitchen altar should recognize the chosen goddess, perhaps with a figurine or picture, or with a selection of items that represent them, such as symbolic charms, certain foods, or candles and ribbons in associated colors. There are many sources offering statues and artwork to buy, but crafty witches might like to make their own representation of the goddess, by sculpting her from salt dough or polymer clay.   Once baked, the clay statue can be painted and embellished accordingly.