A Feather for Your Altar

Some representation of air, commonly something scented like incense, essential oils, or smudges, or else a flying bird’s feather goes in the East, to represent Air.

Sacred scents are used to cleanse an area energetically, call in certain powers, or help witches shift consciousness.

Feathers can also be used to cleanse energy fields, and to fan incense or smudge smoke.

Like candles, incense can also serve many purposes.

Some people find it helps them meditate, some offer it up to the Gods, it can also be used in cleansing rituals and Banishings, plus some believe that certain aromas have mystical or medicinal properties.

Don’t forget an incense burner or censer, too.

The censer (and incense) are used to prepare the ritual space.

Ritual censing banishes evil, and makes the circle more inviting to spirits and deities of the desired kind.

Have you found a feather recently? Take a look below to find out what it could mean.


This is the most common Angel feather, and is thought to be a sign of faith and protection. A white feather can also be your Angel telling you that any loved ones in heaven are safe and well.


A pink feather is a sign of love from your Angels. They are letting you know that their love is unconditional.


Purple is a colour that represents spirituality. Perhaps your Angels are prompting you to activate higher thought and connectivity.


A red feather represents courage, strength, stability and good fortune. If you’ve been going through a difficult time of late, your Angels are sending comfort to let you know how strong you are.


Should you find a yellow feather, your Angels may be nudging you to smile, have fun and enjoy life!


Green feathers represent prosperity and growth. If you find a green feather, you’re in luck!


Blue represents communication, so a blue feather may well be your Angels telling you to listen! Blue is also a sign of peace and protection.


Grey feathers can symbolise peace, as well as neutrality. If you see a grey feather in your path, your Angels may be trying to tell you that the answer to a certain situation may not be as straightforward as a yes or no. Brown feathers symbolise home and grounding. Perhaps your home life will see positivity soon!


A black feather is a sign of protection from your Angels. They are here to guard you and repel negative energy.


Orange feathers will bring you attraction and success! This is a sign that any new ideas or opportunities are approved by your Angels. No matter what the colour or meaning, finding feathers is a true blessing and a sign of love from your Angels.