Magical Ways, The Altar

In basics, an altar is known as a  spell table or a magical work table.

A great deal of magic does not need the presence of an altar, however certain rites and rituals may be further empowered with the help of an altar.

If you perform magick in the comfort of your own home, an altar can be a worthy tool to cast spells.

An altar can also be used as a work table, where herbs are enchanted, sachets composed, and where, in general, all magical work is done.

An altar may be any flat surface on which you can place candles, an incense burner, herbs, and any other materials needed for a spell.

It can be the top of a coffee table or dresser or a section of the floor.

Wherever you can find a place is sufficient.

Some people, who wish to acknowledge their spiritual beliefs, place symbols of their beliefs on the altar.

Statues of their particular gods and goddesses may be common.

However, any objects with which you feel comfortable may be placed on the altar.

These can include lucky charms, fossils, rocks, shells, and so on. Such natural objects may actually empower your magic further.

Where possible it may be good to take your magickal practices into the great outdoors.

However Indoor spells will always work just as well as Outdoor spells A lot of people may have to substitute a living room or bedroom for a forest clearing or lonely beach.

Outdoor altars, may not always be necessary, to perform magick However when you feel an outdoor Altar is necessary, it can consist of something as simple as a cleared section of ground, a flat rock, or a tree stump.

Remember, ingenuity can aid the Magician here, and it is your choice alone, how you perform your magick Bear in mind, the altar is simply a place to perform magick and is limited only by your imagination.