Air Incense and Fragrance

A listing of some of the incenses and fragrances associated with the element of air

Ambergris (love, lust)

Wear ambergris to attract love. Mix Ambergris with a small amount of vanilla, burn on the night of the full moon to increase passion.

Benzoin (purification, prosperity)

Burn benzoin to clear a room of unwanted vibrations. Mix benzoin with frankincense and burn during the new moon to clear confusion, and increase psychic powers.

Lavender (love, protection)

Wear lavender oil to soothe the mind and body, and bring visions of love. Mix lavender with sage and burn during the waning moon to purify and protect the home.

Pine (healing, money)

Burn to clear air and help with breathing problems. Mix pine with eucalyptus and burn to enhance life and bring money

Sage (wisdom, protection)

Wear sage oil to clear the confusion. Place sage leaves under a doormat to protect the home from negativity. Burn sage during the waning moon for protection and to clear the confusion.

Star Anise (psychic power, luck)

Burn or wear the seeds to increase psychic power. On a windy day scatter the seeds in the wind to bring luck.

Sweetgrass (spiritual attunement)

Burn sweetgrass to call in the s