Working with Feathers

At times when working your craft with the element of air, bird may come into your mind.

After all, they spend most of their lives in the air.

They often “gift” us with feathers and these feathers can be honored as special Gifts.

Feathers have long been associated with the Air, Wind, the Mind, and New Flights, as well as at timesGods and Goddesses.

They have been used for different things and as gifts, they serve specific functions, and listed below are the most common.

A Direct connection to the Gods and Goddesses and specific Divine Forces.

A form of Divine Force the Creators take for flight.

A call to unfold your Wings and find the enchantment within your life.

A signal between Human to Human.

A reflection of change or an opening of consciousness.

Omens and signs.

A medicine or Quality you may consider developing.

Tools for Prayer, petitions, and alignment with Specific Natural Forces.

A link to Nature beings.

All Feathers may relate to the Human experience.

Every Feather can connect you to the Energies of species of birds.

Air is what separates Heaven and Earth and is the realm of the Bird which can move about easily in both.

Feathers can be a link between your Spirituality and your Physical consciousness.

Air in motion can be viewed as a force.

It can be the Wind and reminds us that we can fly using our Creativity and Imagination.

Air is essential to all life.

Whatever Energies are in the air, you Breathe them.

It can be a reminder to be aware of your surroundings as well as what you surround yourself with.