The Elements of Wind, Its Powers, & Color

North Wind: is the color of pitch black.

The north wind is known to help in cleansing the negative energies that would get in your aura and or thoughts in the mind.

Good for any cleansing spell in retail or in spell casting.

East Wind: is the color of the sky or water and rich blue.

The east wind is good for adding power to water magic.

So to be used in healing magic to heal the aura and spirit and or body of disease and sickness.

South Wind: is a hot and powerful wind that is the color of a deep yellow.

The south wind is good for adding extra energy and power to whatever spell you use in spell casting or in retail work.

West Wind: is the color of light, which is pure white.

The west winds are good for changing your thoughts and aura and or chakras with a cleansing pure light of energy.

The west wind is good for any spiritual spells or rituals that have to do with light beings and or angles.

Feeling you with great joy and happiness and positive energy.