Rite of Starry Sky

Tonight we are not using incense but enjoying the aroma of the Florida water and the fresh flowers.

Sprinkle yourself with the Florida water.

Go outside (or look out a window), and count the number of stars you see in the heavens for one minute.

Write down this number.

If it is over ten, reduce the number by adding the double digits. For example, if the number you counted is 15, then you would add 1 + 5 = 6. Six, then, is your lucky number in HedgeWitchery.

If you could not count a single star, then your lucky number is 8.

If the night is pleasant, 61 you may wish to continue this rite outdoors.

If you need to work inside, arrange your lucky number pebbles in a circle (if you have several) or place the smaller number near the light blue candle on the altar stone you blessed last night.

Sprinkle the pebbles with Florida water.

Arrange flowers on your altar.

On the light blue candle, inscribe the words starry sky with a pin, nail, or clay-inscribing tool.

Place the candle in a safe holder, and light.

Place your magick key beside the candle.

Intone the following charm:

Herbal magick melody Signs and symbols meant for me Wisdom, knowledge, peace of mind Speak to me through heaven’s chime.

Thank you! Smile.

Ring your bell or chime to correspond with your lucky number.

From now on, this sound is your personal call to Spirit-and after repeating the practice a number of times, this sound should help you focus and become one with Spirit.

Some individuals call this practice a magickal trigger individually designed as an audio gateway to peace, balance, and power.

If you are hearing impaired (or just want to be quiet), you may wish to use a tuning fork, touching the vibration of the sound rather than hearing it.

Meditate for fifteen minutes on the meaning of the sky in the life of a spiritual person.

Draw your personal sky sigil, and record it in your journal.

Also, record any observations or insights you may have received during tonight’s ceremony.

Allow the candle to burn completely.

If you can, leave the pebbles on your altar.

If you can’t, place them in their own special bag.

Offer the flowers to Spirit outside.

Speak not of what you are doing; silence, as of a perfect, peaceful night, will serve you best.

Before you drift off to sleep, close this evening by saying: Peace with the Gods Peace with Nature Peace within.

It always works.

Always a blessing. Remember to smile!