Rite of Rain

Place your magick key and the special glass bottle filled with the listed herbs beside your pebbles on your altar.

Fill the bottle with blessed water.

Swirl the bottle nine times, intoning the following charm: Gifts of rain and flowing grace Create for me a sacred space Where peace and healing now abide And Spirit travels by my side.

Sprinkle the pebbles with a bit of the holy water from the special bottle.

On the aqua candle, inscribe the word rain with a pin, nail, or clay-inscribing tool.

Place the candle in a safe holder.

Put the holder in the cauldron.

Fill the cauldron with blessed water, covering the candle holder with water.

The bottom of the candle should be immersed in one inch in the water.

Light the candle.

Add seven drops of the herbal holy water to the water in the cauldron, repeating today’s affirmation three times.

Step back, smile, relax, and connect to Spirit.

Ring your bell or chime the number of times that match your personal magick number.

Intone the following charm at least nine times, until it begins to sound like a sweet mantra: Herbal magick’s secret seal Of rain, of hope, and how to heal Spiral power in my palms I activate the healer’s song.

Light the charcoal incense tab and sprinkle the herbal mixture on the tab.

Waft the smoke over and around your body with the healing cloth you prepared, pushing the smoke (negativity) down and into the ground.

Repeat this action until you feel cleansed and peaceful.

Meditate for fifteen minutes on the meaning of rain and healing in the life of a spiritual person.

Draw your special rain sigil in your journal. Allow the candle to burn completely until it is extinguished by the water in the cauldron.

Bury the candle end off your property.

You can either burn your healing cloth or carry it with you, filled with healing herbs, until you are fully healed, and then burn it.

You can also cut the cloth into small pieces to burn in a small cauldron.

If you absolutely cannot burn it, shred the cloth and distribute it off the property in various trash bins.

Now that you have experienced using a cloth and sacred smoke as a cleansing vehicle in ritual, you may wish to embroider a special cloth that can be washed and hung out to dry after each use.

You can also refrigerate the remaining water in your special bottle (shelf life is about two weeks).

This water can be used in sacred space, in healing work, dotting on petitions, etc.

Dispose of the water that was in the cauldron of your property, preferably at a crossroads.

Do not drink.

Contemplate, in your journal, how you are continuing to build your spell of personal transformation.

Speak not of what you are doing. Silence, as in a garden of perfection, will whisper great power in your ear.

Before you drift off to sleep, close this evening by saying: Peace with the Gods Peace with Nature Peace within. It always works. Always a blessing