Summer Solstice Rites and Rituals for a Hedgewitch

The time of the greatest light, this is a good time of the year to harness the energy towards your goals.

Riding the tide, we can stand in the heat of the noon-day sun and allow its energy to flow through us, empowering our bodies, souls and our work.

We might use herbs traditional to this time of year, such as St John’s Wort, to further boost our work.

Know, though, that after this special time we begin the descent back into the dark half of the year, and so we also work with the turning tide.

A good place to perform magic at this time of year is at the seashore when the tide is moving from high tide to low tide.

Stand at the water’s edge at high tide, and cast any spells to aid you in the work that you have committed yourself to for your local environment and community.

Use the time of the highest tide and then, when it begins to recede, sit back and watch as the water takes the spell and returns it to the realms
of the Otherworld beneath the sea (a very Celtic motif).

Allow the work to move from you and out into the world.