Hedgewitch: Shifting with Nature

The basic idea of manifesting anything you want is to say exactly what you want, visualize it, feel good about it, and as soon as you open your eyes, think of something (anything) that makes you very happy.

Then let the thought go and make the effort t0 release ideas, thoughts, and physical objects that may be blocking your desire.

If you have been working magick for a long time, you’ll be sitting there saying,

“This is spellcasting”.

In spellcasting, the primary focus is on the preparation, the focus of the spell itself, and the closure, often done in sacred space or a magick circle (which defines the field for your focus).

We may forget that those thoughts and conversations we have with ourselves and with others before and after any work also communicate to the universe, which can result in a mixed message as to what we really desire.

What you think, say, and do affect your life all the time.

It shows us that we waste an inordinate amount of energy sending mixed messages to the universe.

To really make primal language work for you (remember, primal language is a succinct formulation of words that mirror a thought-that thought being your desire), you have to pay attention to what you are saying and doing outside that sacred space or magick circle.

Therefore, we must stop saying what we don’t want.

We must stop complaining.

We must stop transmitting garbled information, which means we have to make a concerted effort to change the way we think, the way we speak to ourselves, and the way we converse with others if we truly wish to manifest what we desire on a continual basis.

Magick doesn’t just occur in a circle.

Magick and manifestation occur each day, every day, twenty-four seven.

The old teachers asked us: where is the center of any circle? And our answer was to be: where the Witch is.

That is the center of manifestation, inside or outside of the circle: where you are.

Manifestation naturally happens all the time.

How does it happen?

That is entirely up to you.

In the magic circle, we know to be observant and how to direct the energy with honor.

But what about outside the magic circle?

When you are outside of the sacred area, are you directing your thoughts in the same way as you do within sacred space?

What is within is without.

What is inside is outside.

As above, so below.

Why use a magick circle at all?

Because it succinctly defines a specific field wherein we can work in harmony with the universe.

Those of us who have been working magick for a long time have learned that what we say or do within a magick circle is important because we have defined a field of manifestation by using the circle as a boundary.

When we speak to ourselves or others, this translates into symbols (or an energy stream) that the universe tries to interpret and, in turn, responds in kind to our desires.

If our thoughts or conversations are muddy and unclear, how the heck is the universe supposed to know what we are saying?

We tend to believe that outside of the circle, or when we have taken the circle down, the power we wield becomes limited.

This is not the case.

The universe hears what we say inside or outside that circle.

It is how we think that is different.

The universe is as it is.

It is what we believe that makes the difference to us.

The universe, remember, does not understand disclaimers, codicils, or addendums-the universe only understands nouns and verbs; that’s it.

If you say, “I don’t want to be responsible for handling this project at work,”you are most likely going to get the darned project.

The universe drops the word don’t in the translation.


Because we tend to think in pictures and symbols, even though we don’t realize we do.

In this primal language, there isn’t a symbol for the word don’t.

If! say, “I don’t want to be responsible for this project at work,” what symbols am I transmitting to the universe? That’s right.

I have formulated the project and my work environment in my mind.

The want word generates strong emotional content (good or bad), which magnifies the thought and often works as an attraction device, not a repelling device.

So, in all your thoughts, you need to train yourself to say what you do want-nothing more.

All of us who have worked through this material has agreed that training your mind to not say “I don’t want” was the biggest challenge.

Why is the concept of primal language confusing to some?

Because we are trying to translate the spoken word (no matter our language-English, Spanish, Chinese, French, German, Russian, Japanese) into the universal one- that of feelings and thought symbols and energy streams.

And as we all know with translation devices, miscommunication often occurs!

The universe does not speak English or French or Chinese.

It speaks “universe.

”The universe does not hear your words-the universe vibrates to your thoughts and feelings.

That’s how it communicates.

Your thoughts (not words) are vibrational symbols translated into a stream of energy.

Your emotions dictate the strength of that transmission (for good or ill).

Your belief determines the clarity of your transmission.

By using the primal language I recommend (nouns and verbs), you are training your mind to speak to the universe in a way it understands.

When you speak a word out loud, your mind has already formulated a vibrational symbol or stream of energy.

It is that symbol or energy stream, not the word itself, that communicates to the universe.

It is your emotion when saying the word, not the word itself, that quantifies the intensity of that communication to the universe.

It is your clarity of belief, not the words themselves, that speaks to the universe.

Words aren’t for the universe, they are for us.

The fewer words spoken, the stronger the message.

This is why you can be deaf, dumb, and blind and still be able to communicate with the universe.

There are no handicaps in the world that prevent you from this communication.

You are never alone.

And you have always known how to manifest anything you desire, you just didn’t realize it.

The reason why we often don’t get what we want is that we don’t really know what we want-we are confused, ourselves, as to what we really desire.

By using primal language, factoring down the number of words we use and how we use them, we are helping ourselves determine precisely what it is we truly desire.

Once we have honed our words to a precision thought, the world is ours!