Winter Solstice Rites and Rituals for a Hedgewitch

As this is the time of the longest night, holding an all-night vigil is a great way to attune yourself to the energy of darkness and rest, of winter
and the earth.

And when the sun rises in the morning, allow its light to wash over and inspire you.

The Druids performed a ritual called imbas forosna, where a person was moved from utter darkness and sensory deprivation to bright light.

To perform imbas forosna, find a place where you can eliminate all sources of light, if possible.

A room indoors is probably the safest place, where you can draw the curtains and blinds.

A cave out in the wilds is ideal, but of course, all safety precautions must be taken first.

You don’t want to be sharing this space with anyone/anything else!

If you can’t achieve utter darkness either indoors or out, then take a cloak or a blindfold with you.

You can wrap yourself in the cloak, or lay it over you to shield out all light, or simply place the blindfold over your eyes.

You can do this in a ritual circle, which would be the best place for such workings.

Feel free to say prayers beforehand, drum, or meditate.

Then simply lie down and spend time in the darkness, allowing your thoughts to slow down over time.

If you fall asleep, do not worry, for this too is a powerful form of work.

When you wake, tell yourself the story of what you have just dreamed so that you will remember it.

Then, after a few hours or at dawn, whether you have stayed awake or just woken up, throw off the cloak, tear off the blindfold, open the curtains and roll up the blind, immersing yourself in the light of day, moving from darkness to light.

See what impressions, thoughts, feelings, and emotions strike you as you move suddenly into the light.

After you have undergone this experience, journal it right away so that you won’t forget any of it.