Rite of the Enchanted Woods

There are two ways in which you can perform this rite.

You can visit the physical woods (with a friend) in a safe area sometime throughout the day or afternoon, or you can use the magickal wood chosen under the “herbs for today” category and creatively visualize, in quiet surroundings, a trip to the woods while holding that representation.

Your goal is to reach a magickal clearing and find a gift that is just for you.

This gift will be a quality, such as patience, good humor, etc.

Standing in the clearing (either physically or in your mind), you will ask your ancestors to help you pull this shining quality into yourself.

Begin with the general HedgeWitch conjuration, which you can use for all types of magickal work in the future:

To bring your ancestors to you, with your eyes closed, turn around slowly with your left hand raised.

Where you feel pressure on the palm of your raised left hand is the gateway to your ancestors that, from this time forth, will be known only to you.

Stop. Take a deep breath, ask for their assistance, and then visualize the quality you desire.

Pull this quality into yourself, breathing deeply and smiling. In no way should you experience any negative feelings.

If you do, then you haven’t asked for what you really need or you really do not desire this change.

Choose a different quality and try again. When you are finished, be sure to thank your ancestors and the universe for the gifts you have received.

Don’t forget to smile! Repeat the last stanza of the general HedgeWitch conjuration:

As above and so below This working now is sealed o spell, be secret, safe, and sound Fruition in its field!

It always works.

Always a blessing.

Remember to smile!

In your HedgeWitch journal, inscribe your secret sigil for wood, or learning new things.

Add to this your choice of a personal good luck animal. On a separate page, draw all the symbols you have created for the past twelve days.

We will be adding two more-the the sigil for the thirteenth night and the sigil for your own personal change, which will be designed the night of your dedication ceremony.

This evening, review what each of the previously drawn sigils now means to you