The Hedge Craft – The Middleworld (Abred)

The Middleworld is the place where we live most of our lives. Yet it is
not “ordinary” or dull in any sense in comparison to the other worlds.
The Middleworld is a place where the worlds of Upper and Lower come
together and dance right before our very eyes. It can be a wondrous hill
in the middle of a plain that we can visit, walk up, sit on and meditate.
It can be a deep well that bubbles to the surface where the sunlight
sparkles upon it. It can also be the trunk of a tree in our own backyard,
where we can travel up and down to the lower and upper worlds
The Middleworld, as the place where we spend most of our time,
requires us to be fully awake to it, to establish a deep and intimate
relationship with it. We need to know the land upon which we live,
where we make our homes and walk the dogs. We need to know the
names of the trees and plants, the geological formations, the rivers and
streams and where they run. Through a practice of deep connection, we
work with the Middleworld and realise that it’s just as wondrous as the
Lower or Upper worlds of Annwn and Gwynfed.
In the tree motif, the Middleworld is the trunk, the strong and sturdy
part of the tree that connects the Lower and Upper worlds. If you have
found a connection with a particular tree, perhaps in your garden or
local park, forest or woodland, then you can use this tree easily for
connecting the three worlds of Lower, Middle and Upper. Simply by
leaning your back onto the trunk of the tree, you can connect with it and
open your awareness to the present moment, the Middle world, with