Protection from Entities or Spirits

Witchcraft is as I have said many times before not a game and should not be taken lightly. I have read on other posts that some “witches” are asking for some form of protection as they believe that they are either being attacked or haunted by an entity or a sprit. I will let you into a secret here, and that there is no protection.

If you are one of these said people then you should think of yourself as being charmed and embrace the entity or spirit that haunts you, scary as it may be.

The whole point of practicing witchcraft is to seek out the hidden knowledge and what better way than to have your very own spirit by your side, if this shit sounds too real or scary for you then maybe witchcraft isn’t for you, however if you have what it takes to be a true witch then accept what has attached itself to you and let it into your life, learn what can’t be taught!