Entity Uses

The creation of magickal entities can be a very rewarding form of magickal working. One thing that people tend to state, over and over again, is the level of control over the magickal process that creating entities provides. This often leads to more favorable results in their workings and more workings in general.

Creating magickal entities can be as easy or as hard as you would like it to be. Even with the least amount of preparation, you can produce a “results-focused” entity. Of course, the more that you put into your entity, the better your chances are of gaining the results that you desire. Because of the flexibility inherent in their creation, magickal entities can be “custom-designed” to a very specific goal. With some magickal workings, you are limited to the results produced. With an entity created specifically for your goal, you have a better likelihood of the goal manifesting in the manner that you wish. Also, you have a better expectation of the results, whereas with other “generic” magickal workings the results gained may be close to what you had hoped for, but still not exactly as you had wanted or needed.

With some types of magickal workings, like sigils, for example, you receive “Point A to Point B” type of results. In other words, there is little room for adding additional parameters into the magickal working once it has been enacted. With magickal entities on the other hand, you have the ability to redirect the entity’s focus while the entity is actively working to produce your desired magickal results

After creating the entity, little of your own energy is required to produce the results desired. Because of this, you are able to devote your time and energy to other things as you wish. The entity will go off and complete the task that has been assigned to it. The more energy that you direct toward your entity—depending on the work at hand—the better your results tend to be.

Expanding on the dynamic possibilities of entities, a magickal entity can be used for several magickal tasks at the same time. For example, an entity that has the task of creating wealth can be used to make a company prosperous. At the same time, the entity can look after a person’s
personal assets. Often “general skilled” entities can be used over and over for magickal workings that are of a similar basis. An example of this would be the creation of an entity that is governed by the realm of happiness. This entity could be used at any time that a feeling of happiness was needed.

Magickal entities can be created to be “astral messengers.” These messengers can go out and collect bits of information that are of interest to the creator. The entities then can report back to the creator relaying all of the information that was gathered. This type of entity use can be
beneficial in times when someone needs to gather important information when under normal means it would be impossible, such as in making crucial business decisions.

An entity can be created to help you learn a specific skill. Often people will create what are often known as “teacher entities.” These teacher entities are created with all of the knowledge of a particular skill or area of interest. The creator will then go to the entity to have it help teach the creator the desired skill or knowledge. Teacher entities are like having your very ow n wise mentor at your disposal. These types of entities can be very beneficial when trying to learn new and complicated subjects.

For some people, it is easier to use entities to bring on magickal results. One of the reasons for this is because when using other forms of magickal workings, it may be difficult to know how the desired event will manifest. This often leads to failure, half-realized workings, or workings that are not performed. When working with entities, the mage is able to relate to a “being” doing the work. For example, in protection workings, it is easier for most people to envision a big bloodthirsty beast ready to devour any and all that wish to cause the creator harm; rather than trying to envision a glowing light of energy keeping “wrong-doers” at bay.

In some magickal philosophies, magi are trained to never perform magick unless a real and needed result is desired. They are often taught to never use their magick on simple whims just to see if their magick works. This limitation often leads to poorly trained magi, as they are rarely
able to practice what it is that they have learned. When the time comes to try to manifest something, they are often “rusty” or undereducated in certain magickal areas. When they try to put their skills to work, they often meet with
poor results.

Some magi create magickal entities solely as a means to hone their magickal abilities. By creating a magickal entity, they are putting many learned skills to work, while manifesting a real and needed result. The real and needed result is the creation of something that will allow them to expand their magickal abilities. Often these entities are dissolved soon after creation, as they serve no purposes other than to increase the mage’s magickal aptitude. Some entities, however, are kept as a magickal companion much like a witch’s familiar.

Magickal Entities can be used for finding rare books, for aiding in a job search, for helping sales of a product, for irritating an enemy, for protecting a house, etc. We have heard of magickal entities who help compress and expand time, assist in a speedy passage through rush hour,
and to ensure a business receives a payment for a product. Magickal entities are quite versatile.

Creating magickal entities can provide a lot of fun and excitement. The entity that you create is only limited by your imagination. For some, the simple knowledge that they are in control of an entity that they created can be the impetus for using this method of magickal working. Other people like knowing that they can be as creative as they wish to be. This is one form of magickal working that can be as exciting as the results that it produces.