Goals and Results when using Entity’s

What is it that I want the entity to do? How will the entity
accomplish this task? What variables do I need to factor in
so that the entity is successful? What is my timetable? How
do I insure that the entity is doing its task? How do I wish
the entity to appear to me?
These questions as well as others are important questions
to ask and answer. Take time to develop your answers,
be sure of exactly what it is you want to do with the entity
and make sure you impress that into the entity. These questions
will help you focus and attune your energy toward
achieving what you want with the entity and will also
insure that the experience is -well worth the time invested.
An important question to ask yourself is the following:
Is it worth it to conjure the entity and have it do the
task or are there other means to achieve my ends? Now it
may seem odd to ask this question in this book, but it is a
very important and valid question to ask. It is not to say
you shouldn’t create entities, but you should be certain that
it is justified. If you are one who likes to experiment, then
your justification is just that—in order to learn more about
entities, you work with them. By asking and answering
this question, you will insure yourself no regret, but
rather, a focused intent that will bring about what you
want in a manner that works for you. Any magickal undertaking
should be considered carefully and entity work
is no exception.
Picture in your minds eye exactly what it is that you
want. Try to see your desire manifested. See everything
that would be affected by it. How would you feel? What problems would this solve for you? How would it make
other people feel? Try to make the desire manifestation as
real as possible. Try to understand the feelings that you
would have once it has come to pass.
After you have crystallized your desire as much as
possible, for every conceivable aspect, write it down in as
much detail as you can. Write down the results that you
will achieve from the desire. Write your emotions and feelings
in regards to the desire that will manifest. Capture the
essence of wha t this desire will bring into your life. Make
this as clear and as detailed as possible.
When you have written all of this down, you have
taken your first step toward manifesting your desires. In
man y magickal systems, writing down the desire in as
muc h detail creates an astral “blueprint” for your goals.
This “blueprint” is the starting point for all things to come
into being.
One you are finished writing down everything that
you can think of, determine from wha t source your desire
will come, and the impact that the source ma y have. In
other words, if your desire wa s to receive a lump some of
money (yes, the standard “magickal how-to” example),
where would the money come from? Wovild you receive it
through the means of payment for an art sculpture that
you have recently finished? Would you find an envelope full
of money on your wa y to the park? Will the money come
from a disability settlement from the accident at work that
left you without the use of your right arm? Did yovi receive
it because a dear person to you died and stated in his or her
will tha t you are to receive the money?
As you can see, there are man y ways that you could
receive the lump sum of cash in a favorable way. You can
also see that there are numerous ways to gain the money tha t you ma y not like—like losing your arm, or the death
of a loved one. The purpose of this exercise is so that you can tr y to find the best, and second best, possible ways
for you to have your goal manifest. By doing this,, you
are trying to eliminate, to the best of your ability, any
“negative” source that you would not -want your desire to
manifest through.
When you have found the best ways for your desire to
come into being, write it down. Then visualize your receiving
your desire through the source(s) that you have chosen.
Does it feel right to you? Have you thought of everything
that ma y come from this source? If you can honestly say
“yes,” then that is the most logical source for you. If you
answered “no,” then keep thinking of a better source until
you have found one that works for you.
Now you should put the paper a way for a day or
two and tr y not to think aboLit your desire. It ma y be hard
not to, but do the best that you can. If you find yourself
thinking about it, acknowledge it for wha t it is and allow
it to pass.
What this will do, is allow your subconscious to figure
out the easiest and best wa y to manifest your desires,
within the frame work that you have provided. It will mull
over the details tha t you ma y not have thought about. It
will then decide if it is able to do it or not.
In some cases, your subconscious ma y need more
details. It ma y even suggest a different route to gain the
desires. All of this will help to lead you to the manifestation
of your desires. This is called the “incubation stage.”
After a day or two of allowing your subconscious to
build a plan, take out the paper and review wha t wa s written
down. Does wha t you have written still make sense to
you? Is this still wha t you want? You ma y find that wha t
was written is still exactly wha t you want. You ma y also
find that you wan t to add or subtract a few things, but that
over all the idea is sound. Still you ma y find that you were going about obtaining
the desire the wron g way. You ma y now have fresh
new ideas to tr y out that will better your chances at attaining
your goals. Others will find that, after taking time out
to “incubate” their thoughts, their written desires really are
not wha t they truly want. New ideas and thoughts ma y
come to the surface.
Continue to develop your magickal goals and desires
until you are honestly happy with wha t you have. It is
then that you can begin to design an entity to bring your
desires and goals into manifestation.
We mentioned the need to define possible results and
outcomes from using the entity. This does not mean you
should lust for results, i.e. expect that a result will occur
instantaneously and that your problem will be solved. This
is not to say that you should not think about it, just don’t
think about the results all the time. This ma y cause you to
be disappointed when the results you expect don’t happen.
Magick is a subtle force and shows itself in subtle ways.
When working with an entity, you should certainly have
an idea of wha t kind of result will come about through
the use of the entity. Just don’t let that result become an
obsession. Further, recognize variations of the result you
wanted. Sometimes you won’t quite accomplish wha t you
set out to do, but the result can still be useful to you In the “lump sum of cash” entity example from
above, you have decided to make the entity’s task to influence
people to bu y your sculpture. You can then look at the
task and decide that the entity’s general realm of influence
is “sales.” This would mean that the entity is knowledgeable
in the art of selling things. Once you have the general realm
of influence, you can use that information to think about
and gather correspondence ideas for later incorporation
with the entity.
For the “lump sum of cash” entity, with a general
realm of influence in “sales,” you ma y start thinking of
things, like orange—for attraction, rose pedals—for love or
admiration, etc. These ideas will be things that you can,
and should, use when creating your entity. Later we will
discuss how to incorporate these ideas into your entity.
After you have figured out the general realm of intent,
it is time to create the specific realm of influence. Going back
to our baseball player example, his or her specific realm of
intent ma y be “the pitcher for the New York City Screaming
Eagles.” The journalist’s specific realm of influence could be
“star reporter for the Orlando Music Press.”
The “lump sum of cash” entity could have a specific
realm of influence of “attractor of and seller to purchasers
of fine art.” Armed with the specific realm of influence, we
are able to start to develop the entity’s statement of intent,
which will become the core—or DNA, if you will—of the
entity. The statement of intent for this entity could be “To
influence and attract fine art purchasers that are willing
and able to purchase my sculpture for price that I set.”
Now you have the core of the entity’s existence
defined. This will make it much easier for you to create
your entity. It will also improve the likelihood that your
magickal working will produce the results that you wish to attain.