Spell Work Factors

Spells are generally done on a personal basis to effect changes that are
advantageous to the witch. When working for other people, the primary difficulty is
whether or not the person sincerely wants the spell done. Speaking one truth while
feeling another will certainly impact the working of the spell.
Timing:​ When using a candle for spellwork, as it burns out, Ann faces the
candle and views it as a clock face. North (top) is 12 o’clock, East (right) is 3 o’clock,
South (bottom) is 6 o’clock, and West (left) is 9 o’clock. These can indicate hours, days,
weeks, months, or years, depending on the spell being worked.
An image forming at the 1 o’clock position could indicate 1 day, 1 week, or 1
month. A gut feeling saying it’s 1 week, rather than day or month, is likely correct,
especially if expecting a fast response.
During a card reading, the colors that come to mind may suggest time of year:
Red and Green being near Christmas-time, White and blue being in the dead of winter
(January-ish), etc. There are many ways to approach timing, but not all readings or
spells are time-oriented.
Moon factors: ​The position/phases of the moon are always a factor in your
focusing. In general:
● Waxing moon: growth and new projects
● Full moon: healing and empowerment
● Waning moon: releasing, banishing, and cleansing
● New moon: divination
That said, if you need a spell done now, it’s all in how you phrase it. If the moon
is waning, don’t ask to bring good health, ask to cleanse of your ailment; Don’t draw
money, release poverty; instead of drawing love, banish loneliness. Magic is an art, and
creativity in your outlook will help you be more flexible in your workings.
Precautions: ​Every spell must be altered in some way to make it your own.
Address your specific need and work in an atmosphere you find conducive to magic.
Spells are generally cast within a circle, with elementals and deities on hand to add their
power. Be sure to bless all who contribute to your spell work. And if you gather an herb
for a spell, leave a token gift or blessing behind.
The most important precaution is preserving yourself from unwanted karma by
applying your work to the rules about negativity and getting back what you send. “Harm
none” is a good reminder.
Runes​ may be substituted with any symbology the practitioner finds useful:
Egyptian hieroglyphs, Norse runes, symbols of your own invention, etc. Simply choose
what feels right or speaks to your situation. As always, follow your gut/guides/intuition.