The more you expand your awareness and become familiar with your own energy fields, the more you will become aware of the energy fields of others, and within the environment.

At first, we start to feel the various forms of energy around us, and as we progress on our personal ascension Journey, and as the biological effects start to take place within the body, we begin to actually SEE this ENERGY! You begin to develop multi-dimensional vision.

You start to see flickers of light and other strange visual patterns of light or energy in the form of balls or bursts of light, orbs, light flashes, sparkles, fuzziness, static, colors around people and objects (Auric Field) due to the biological changes taking place in the eyesight.

You may then begin to experience energy or entities from other dimensions.

What many consider ‘paranormal’ becomes very normal for you!

Strong pineal glands activations begin to take place.

Super loud oscillating frequencies wreak havoc in your brain (etheric ear) as your system synchronizes with the new HU-man template.

Your awareness expands.

No longer do you question the strange sound in your ear.

You know you are integrating geometric crystalline codings into your cellular structure.

You SURRENDER and begin to work with this energy… Allowing it to do what it needs to do.

You are Becoming GALACTIC. Integration time speeds up 10fold.

Ascension symptoms are now (for the most part – depends how deep) short in duration.

You begin to perceive Time. Things speed up! The SUN now sings to you PERSONALLY… Each pulse a gentle wave, ebbing and flowing through your energetic system, stirring the collective field… You breathe…Bathe in the light codes…You ARE Ascending!!!