Alphabet Spell

What would your ideal mate be like? Would you like to find
that person? This spell helps you to define your search and,
if that person exists, to invite her or himinto your life.
The spell can be cast at any time, but it is best completed
at the hour of Venus (midnight on a Friday night). If you
hope for someone who was born under a certain astrological
sign, cast the spell when the Sun or Moon is in that sign (an
astrological almanac or calendar will have this information).
Use caution, as always, when working with fire. You will
two sheets of nice paper
a pen with green ink
a fireproof container
a green candle
a vessel of water for fire safety
Optional:seven sprigs of parsley
Write the letters of the alphabet down the left margin of one
sheet of paper: A-I on the front and J-Z on the back. When
that is done, begin writing down all the attributes and
qualities that you would like your ideal mate to have. List
them alphabetically. Here are some examples, to give you an
idea of how to get started:
A—attractive, attentive, ardent, able, af ectionate
F—fit, fun, funny, faithful, financially secure
I—interesting, independent, industrious, has integrity
S—smart, sane, sober, single, serious, sexy,
Focus, give this deep consideration, and be thorough.
Include in your list qualities such as physical attributes,
character traits, personality, philosophy, politics, sexuality,
and so on. Use positive terms instead of negative ones (e.g.
“hardworking” or “career-oriented” rather than “not lazy”;
“secure” instead of “not jealous”; “easygoing” rather than
“not a control freak”; “generous” instead of “not cheap”;
and so on). Include everything that you hope to receive
from your mate, such as companionship, security, children,
sexual satisfaction, or whatever is important to you. Don’t
forget to specify that the person should be single.
When you’ve finished, put the paper away in a safe place,
and leave it there for a few days. Rework your list at least
three times before you finalize the spell. Keep using the
same sheet of paper. If you change your mind about
something, cross it out. If you want to add something, do
so. Each human being is unique. When you have finished,
your paper may be nearly empty, or it may be almost illegible
because so many things have been written on it. Whatever
the case, it’s fine. This is your spell, so you craft it in your
own way.
The next step in the spell is to take the other sheet of
paper and again write the alphabet down its margins. This
time list all of your traits, quirks, attributes, and
characteristics. Take your time. Be thorough, be brutally
honest, and include positive things as well as negative ones.
Omit nothing. Be sure to include everything that you hope
to offer your mate, such as love, laughter, adventure,
companionship, fidelity, children, great sex, a good life, a
happy home, or whatever.
Place one sheet of paper on top of the other, and fold
them together. Put the papers away, and leave them in a safe
place for a few days.
The Spell
Put the fireproof container on your altar or other working
surface, atop something that will not scorch if the bottom
gets hot. Place the candle next to it. Put the water within
reach. If you are using parsley, plait or entwine its sprigs
into a rough wreath, and encircle the container with it.
Get into a magickal mood. Open a window, and create
sacred space in the area where you will be working. Light the
candle, and raise power. Review the lists one last time, and
make any final changes that you like.
Take the page that you have made for your potential mate,
turn it sideways, and scrawl across each side of it, “Send me
what I need.” Take the other page, turn it sideways, and
scrawl on each side, “Send what is needed.”
Place one page on top of the other, and refold them
together several times. Concentrate on what you hope the
spell will achieve, touch the papers to the candle flame, and
drop them into the container. Keep focused on your goal
while you watch themburn, and say:
So long as it will do no harm,
Lead us to each other’s arms.
Love be deep, love be strong,
Love be true, and last long.
Make sure that the smoke from the burning paper is wafting
out of the open window. You can use your hands to fan the
smoke in that direction if need be. Be mindful of fire safety.
Keep close watch on the container until the paper has been
entirely consumed, then pour water into it. Monitor the
candle until it burns itself out, then ground power and clean
Assume an attitude of positive expectation until the spell
manifests. Accept invitations, go to new places, and
welcome opportunities to meet new people.