Lords of Air Spell

When we say that something is “in the air” or “blowing in
the wind,” we mean that it is available or likely to happen.
One of the many ways to make a wish is to literally put the
wish into the wind.
Nearly every human culture has had gods who rule the
element of Air. Examples include wind gods such as Aeolus
(Greek), Skan (Native American), Aquilo (Roman), Feng Po
(Chinese), Stribog (Slavic), and Njord (Norse). This spell,
which invokes all the Lords of Air to grant your wish, is best
cast on a windy night. You will need:
a piece of white or pale blue paper with your wish
written on it (If you like, you can use a color of ink
that relates to your wish, such as pink or red for love,
green for money, orange for success, black for
banishing, and so on.)
your favorite perfume, cologne, or aftershave
a flat, shallow container, such as a tray or dish
a stick of incense (Ginseng, sage, lavender,
sandalwood, and violet are good choices, if you
happen to have one of themon hand.)
Optional: finely chopped, powdered, or crumbled
herbs that relate to your wish (See the list below.)
Assemble the spell ingredients. Light the incense, get into a
magickal mood, and create sacred space around the area
where you will be working. Take the paper on which you
have written your wish, and spray or anoint it with the
perfume. Don’t be concerned if this causes the ink to run or
smear, because the paper will still hold your wish. Focus on
your wish, with particular concentration on the end result
that you would like it to have. Waft the paper through the air
a few times to dry the perfume, then pass it repeatedly
through the incense smoke. The paper should then be
Focus on your wish again, as you cut or tear the paper
into confetti-sized pieces. Sprinkle these onto the tray.
Optional: If you are using herbs, sprinkle a large spoonful
of them into the tray and mix them with the pieces of paper.
Here are examples of some of the commonplace herbs that
correspond to different types of wishes:
Herbs can be used singly or combined. For example, if you
wish to get a raise at work, you might use mint, rosemary,
and ground pecans. If you wish to get pregnant, you might
add flour and ginger to the tray, but if you wish for justice,
you might use ginger and finely ground cedar chips. If you
wish to find a mate, you might add cinnamon and carnation
petals. If you wish to get out of debt, you might use sage,
and so on.
The Spell
Get into a magickal mood, and take the container out side at
night. Raise power. Hold it up, face East, and say:
Gods of Winds, Lords of Air,
Grant my wish if it be fair.
Place the tray in a place where the wind is likely to reach it,
such as on a lawn chair or balcony railing. Concentrate on
your wish, and say again:
Gods of Winds, Lords of Air,
Grant my wish if it be fair.
Visualize your wish going forth into the world with the wind,
and becoming manifest. Ground the power that you raised.
Leave the container outdoors all night, and check on it the
next morning. It is a positive sign if you find the container
empty, but a negative omen if anything remains in it.