Protective Dream Pillow

Supplies Needed Are as Follows:

  1. Two piecs of cloth about 12in X 12in (Any color is Fine)!
  2. Thread And Needle
  3. Herbs for sleep such as,(Lavendar,Jasmine,Vervain)(One of these selections is good)
  4. Herbs for protection such as,(Basil,Bay leaves,Marigolds,Oak Bark)(Best if all used)
  5. You will need A small bundle of Sage or Sweet grass!
  6. You can add crystals such as ,Tigers eye,Bloodstone,Obsidian for (PROTECTION!)
  7. Amethyst for Sleep,calming the nerves,Centering,and grounding!
  8. Sea salt
  9. Plenty of pine needles(Fresh)
  • Get all of your supplies and take them to your altar.
  • There sow the two pieces of cloth together as if you were making A pillow.Leave A small area to stuff supplies into.
  • Light A candle on your altar to activate your daily devotions.(Something that is done on A daily basis to show respect to deity)
  • This puts you into the crafting state of mind.(Alpha)
  • Start adding ingredients to the pillow as you visualize what the soul purpose of the pillow is for.(Protection and Dreams)!
  • Visualize yourself sleeping and feeling extremely safe because you have successfully created A Talisman to promote positive dreams,while being protected.
  • After you can no longer hold the visualization,Visualize energy in the form of protective Red And Orange colors/Then colors that remind you of sleep and dreams.(Choose your Own)!See the energy going into the talisman from above and below,entering your body from your Root Chackra and your Crown Chackra meeting in the middle of your Solar Plexis and coming out of your hands charging the talisman.Hold that Visual for as long as possible.
  • At this point you should feel your hands heating up and fingers tingling.
  • You are now ready to stuff the rest of you pillow(Talisman).Use Fresh pine needles,along with any oak leaves to finish stuffing the pillow.
  • At this point its ready to finish sewing together.You should still be at your altar at this point.
  • After the pillow is done,I suggest blessing it with sage or frankincense passing the pillow through the smoke several times(I like 3)
  • Ok your Protective Dream Pillow Is Ready To Be Used