(Gossypium barbadense) Root bark: P
Gender: Feminine
Planet: Moon
Element: Earth
Powers: Luck, Healing, Protection, Rain,
Fishing Magic
Magical Uses: If a piece of cotton is placed
in the sugar bowl, good luck will follow,
as it will if cotton is thrown over the right
shoulder at dawn. In this latter case, the
good luck will come before the day is over.
Cotton is placed in an aching tooth to
stop the pain. Cotton planted or scattered
in the yard keeps ghosts away, and cotton
balls soaked in vinegar and placed on the
windowsills keep evil at bay.
To bring back a lost love, place some
pepper in a piece of cotton and sew this
into a sachet. Wear to make its magic work.
Cotton is the best kind of cloth (next to
wool) to use for making sachets, or for any
time cloth is needed in magic.
If you go fishing on a windy day, take
twenty cotton seeds with you. Lay them at
the edge of the water and you shall have at
least one bite. Burning cotton causes rain.