Samhain: In the City

Those who live in towns and cities can partake in the most famous Halloween tradition: trick-or-treating. Every year, usually during hours set by the municipality, parents or older siblings take costumed youngsters door-to-door to ask for candy. In return, the neighbours distributing candy get their very own costume pageant delivered to their door.

Along with this tradition comes a tradition many people do not enjoy—one of all night mischief and vandalism. While most of the time vandals stick to smashing jack-o’-lanterns and throwing toilet paper in trees, some do more damage than that. This goes back to old Irish traditions where mischief-makers would pull pickets off fences, takes doors off hinges, or even break windows. These practices were closely associated with threshold magick—not that it made the tradition any less frustrating for the person stuck repairing the mess the next day!