(Rhamnus catharticus, R.frangula,
R.spp.) PNL t I AbIiCh-12
R. frangula bark must be aged two years
prior to internal use.
Folk Name: Hart’s Thorn
Gender: Feminine
Planet: Saturn
Element: Water
Powers: Protection, Exorcism, Wishes,
Legal Matters
Magical Uses: Branches of the buckthorn,
placed near doors and
windows, drive away all enchantments
and sorceries, according to
A charming legend concerning the
buckthorn says that if one sprinkles buckthorn
in a circle and then dances within it
under a full Moon, an elf will appear. The
dancer must notice the elf and say, “Halt
and grant my boon!” before the creature
flees. The elf will then grant one wish. I
cannot make any guarantees this will happen,
Buckthorn is also used in legal matters
(carried or worn to court, etc.) and as a
general good luck generator.