Do not be discouraged, if it seems that your light is not accepted by those about you.

The energetic work that you do is as it is.

It may not be necessary for anyone to be aware that you are doing this work.

It may not be necessary for people around you to respond or seem to accept you, as you would hope to be responded to and accepted.

It is only necessary that you do the work.

That you keep your body, your mind, and your spirit in enough balance .

So that energy may flow through, and not be stuck in this or that place.

Nor overstimulated, so that there is a distortion, because of that hectic energy of overstimulation.

Realize that the spiritual path is one, that extends throughout the incarnation, moment by moment, and unexciting chore by unexciting chore.

There is no life which is nothing but the glitter and the sheen of holiday times and mountaintop moments.

Realize too that by connecting with those around you, who are of a like mind, you are helping them and you are allowing them to offer their love offerings to you also.

But be steadfast in those situations which do not seem to be so full of love.

Allow yourself to be the love that is brought to that meeting, to that moment, and to that situation.

If for some reason, you are flagging,  you find your emotions are tumbled, and you are weary.

Reach out and allow someone to give to you that which you have so often given to others.