Cone of Power

Raising the Cone of Power is a technique that can be found in the Gardnerian Book of Shadows, Katherine Kurtz’s Lammas Night, and most forms of Traditional Witchcraft. The details may vary, but the overall effect is the same. This is the technique that the Witches of England were said to have used to defend Britain from the Nazis during World War II.

The technique that can be used is for everyone to stand in a circle. The person or thing the energy is being raised for is placed in the centre if possible, or if not a photo, some other representation, or just visualization will suffice. The leader of the cone starts everyone swaying from side to side, beginning a chant such as:

“Circle, circle, power build
Open, open, be ye filled.”

When the momentum is built up enough, the leader begins to step deosil around the circle, and the others follow suit. It is helpful to have a few experienced crafters spread evenly about the circle. The circling begins painfully slowly, and gradually builds up to a run.

Experienced crafters may try the classic Witch-step, where you step to the left with your right foot, crossing in front of the left foot, as you look left, then step to the left again with the left foot. The next step with the right foot goes behind instead of in front of the left foot,
turning the face to the right. It is difficult to describe, but when competently performed it is graceful and filled with power.

Although the momentum builds steadily until everyone is running around the circle, the leader “pulls back” as much as possible, making the chanting lag behind the steps just enough to apply the brakes. This is to create tension, friction, and maximize the amount of energy generated. As soon as the leader feels the energy reach its peak, they yell for everyone to stop and direct the energy at the target.

Part of the trick could be for the rest of the group is to follow the leader and maintain a balance point in the work, while not focusing too much on the details.