Health Spell

Arrange altar with ritual tools, bowl of water, bowl of salt.

Light sandalwood incense and candles for the Goddess and the God (green and red or blue and orange), at the left and right sides of the altar.

Anoint 2 yellow votive candles with rue oil and dedicate them to the healing of (name) in the names of the Lady and the Lord, (names you use), and through the elements as you name them;

Through the power of Elemental Earth ​(sprinkle with salt),
Through the power of Elemental Air ​(pass through incense smoke)
Through the power of Elemental Fire ​(pass through the flames of both
deity candles)
Through the power of Elemental Water ​(sprinkle with blessed water)
This candle is dedicated to healing ​(name)

Inscribe the candles with symbols for: The Goddess, The God, protection, victory, healing, good fortune, healing by the sun wheel, love, and the God & Goddess & Completion.

Place inscribed candle on heat-proof dish, on a heat-resistant surface.

Light the candles, one from the Goddess candle, one from the God. Set in front of the God representation, or on the right side of the altar.

Add the following herbs into the flames of each votive candle, stating the actions you do it, and envisioning the power of the herbs entering into the spell:

Ash bark for health and protection
St. John’s Wort for health, protection, and strength
Tansy for health and love of the Goddess
Woodruff for victory and the love of the God.
(Add here an herb for a particular ailment)

Let the votive candles burn until liquid, and continue until it is reduced nearly to the bottom of the container.

Snuff candles and look to see what signs or symbols are formed in the wax as it cools. Bless those who aided you and open your circle.