Minor Arcana (56 cards), divided by suits:
Wands (or Rods)
● Ace- creative power, new beginning; (R) stagnation, decline
● King- conscientiousness, plan is possible; (R) criticism, inaction
● Queen- practical, concept formed, sincerity; (R) poor planning, envy
● Prince (Knight)- journey, movement; (R) discord, plans change
● Princess (Page)- completion, energy, message; (R) uncertainty
● 10- determination, fruition of plans; (R) difficulties, plans halted
● 9- pause, deeper awareness, readiness; (R) obstacles, delays
● 8- travel, quick action, learning; (R) deception, journey canceled
● 7- obstacles overcome, success; (R) dissipation of energy, doubts
● 6- triumph after difficulty, understanding; (R) vanity, disloyalty
● 5- conflict leads to change, renewal; (R) complexity needs caution
● 4- serenity, romance, stability; (R) dissatisfaction, disorganized
● 3- business success, negotiations; (R) end of trouble, fact-finding
● 2- fulfillment, forceful personality; (R) hollow gains, no growth