● 0- The fool- innocence, enthusiasm, start of a quest; (R) the quest has been
achieved, it is time to rest and decide on a new narrative
● 1- The Magician- control over one’s own destiny; (R) lack of confidence,
● 2- The High Priestess- intuition, seeking wisdom and meanings of mysteries; (R)
knowledge received is tailored to suit one’s ability to understand.
● 3- The Empress- inspiration and competence, a project nears completion; (R)
initial progress is slow, but one gains understanding
● 4- The Emperor- reason dominates; (R) vitality to take action to bring ideas to
● 5- The High Priest (Hierophant)- spiritual truths and energy; (R) Divine guidance
inspires actions
● 6- The Lovers- the greater perspective of unity results in trust and partnership;
(R) appreciation of one’s self worth allows one to reach out to others
● 7- The Chariot- establishing balance, control by willpower, project launched; (R)
direction found and action taken with comprehension of goals
● 8- Strength- willpower, ability to overcome obstacles; (R) power tempered with
● 9- The Hermit (Seeker, Wise One)- search for wisdom and enlightenment; (R)
learning begins
● 10- The Wheel (in some decks this card and Justice are reversed in order)-
destiny, seeking purpose, changes in life; (R) moving on to the next goal in life
● 11- Justice- fairness, virtue; (R) The reward is appropriate to the action
● 12- The Hanged Man- inner peace, suspended activity, wisdom not applied; (R)
course of action decided upon, knowledge put to use
● 13- Death- change, end of one project and the start of a new one, casting off
restrictions; (R) resisting change, self evaluation, teaching others
● 14- Temperance- balance, moderation, patience, trusting intuition; (R) emotion
ruling reason, disharmony will end when unity regained
● 15- The Horned God (Horned One, Devil)- acceptance of harmony with nature;
(R) bondage to form over substance, seeking spiritual freedom
● 16- The Tower- sudden change, old beliefs vanish with enlightenment; (R) self
● 17 the Star (Stars)- opportunity, good prospects, hope, creativity, inspiration; (R)
seeking creativity and success
● 18- The Moon- warning of deception, reflection of actions, trust intuition; (R) self
denial, overcoming temptation, awareness of facades
● 19- the Sun- success, contentment, mental and spiritual growth; (R) success
delayed, answer to problems discovered
● 20- Judgement (Karma)- rebirth, atonement, potential fulfilled, appropriate
reward received; (R) gaining knowledge from the past, learning from past
● 21- The World (The Universe)- achievement, union with the Goddess and God,
success, joy; (R) striving for greatness, seeking attainment