Sun Magick A Description

Witches Sun Magick is a form of magick that is performed during the daytime hours when the sun is shining. It is a type of solar magick that is associated with the masculine energy of the sun. This magick is often used for spells and rituals that involve strength, power, success, and vitality.

Witches Sun Magick is typically performed outdoors in a sunny location. The practitioner may use various tools and materials such as candles, crystals, herbs, and oils to enhance the power of the sun’s energy. The magickal workings may involve invoking the sun’s energy, calling upon the spirits of the sun, or using the sun’s energy to charge objects or talismans.

One of the key aspects of Witches Sun Magick is the use of solar symbolism. The sun is often represented by the symbol of a circle with a dot in the center. This symbol is known as the Sun Wheel or Solar Cross and is used to invoke the power of the sun in magickal workings.

Witches Sun Magick is a powerful form of magick that can be used for a variety of purposes. It is often used for spells and rituals that involve success, prosperity, and good fortune. It can also be used for healing, protection, and purification. The practitioner must have a strong connection to the sun and be able to harness its energy in order to perform effective Witches Sun Magick.