On an altar let there be a phial of anointing oil, a chalice of water, a salver of salt, burning incense, three lighted candles, a rock or crystal, some flowers, a wand and or athame, a sistrum, bread and wine/fruit juice and a container of herbs. Participants may be in black, white or dark or pastel robes

Opening Ceremony

Celebrant: (Takes wand in the air, going round in a circle) I conjure thee oh circle of power, that thou may be a meeting place of love, joy and truth, a shield against all wickedness and evil, a container and a condenser of all the power that we shall raise within thee. A rampart and a protection. Until the time when the sky falls above our heads, or the sea rises up and smothers us, or the earth opens her maw and swallows us, in the holy names of the gods and goddesses that we worship, I do consecrate and bless thee

Celebrant: The earth is blessed

Celebrant holding a container of salt water, walks round the circle, sprinkling on floor saying:

Earth and water were you cast, let no adverse purpose past. Be in complete accord with we, as is our will so mote it be

Celebrant holding burning incense, walks around circle, wafting the scent everywhere saying:

Air and fire harken now to our desire, awaken the sleeper deep within, let no evil enter in. Be in complete accord with we, as is our will so mote it be

Celebrant (at East): There is peace in the East

Celebrant (at South): There is peace in the South

Celebrant (at West): There is peace in the West

Celebrant (at North): There is peace in the North

Celebrant (standing in centre): There is peace throughout the entire land

Celebrant: Holds athame/wand up and in a sweeping circle points it down saying:

The Earth our mother lies at our feet, the sky above protects us. This circle is now complete, and the ceremony may now commence

The main ceremony

Celebrant: To the Maiden Aspect: Cynthia or Selene, the Waxing Moon, we say:

Greetings to thee, New Moon, kindly jewel of guidance!

I bend my knees to thee, I offer thee my love

I bend my knees to thee; I raise my hands to thee,

I lift up mine eyes to thee, New Moon of the Seasons

Greetings to thee, New Moon, Darling of my Love!

Greetings to thee, New Moon, Darling of the Graces

Thou dost journey on thy course, thou steerest the flood tides

Thou lighteth up thy Face for us, New Moon of the Seasons

Queen of Guidance, Queen of Good Fortune,
Queen of our Love, New Moon of the Seasons!

Celebrant: To the Mother Aspect: Astarte or Aradia, the Full Moon, we say:

Greetings to thee, Gem of the Night!

Beauty of the skies, Gem of the Night!

Mother of the stars, Gem of the Night!

Sister of the Sun, Gem of the Night!

Majesty of the Stars, Gem of the Night!

Celebrant: To the Crone or Enchantress Aspect: Beltis or Hecate, the Waning Moon, we say:

She is Mighty; She is Divine, The Goddess, Clothed in Light

Who doth pass through the heavens, doth keep up the earth

She accuses and she intercedes

She humbles the rich, and vindicates the cause of the lowly
She overthrows the enemy, he who does not revere her Godhead

She delivers the captive, and takes the hand of the fallen

Bless thy children who honour thy name
Give life to thy children, thy offspring

Let them speak of thy Grace, let them glorify thy name

Take their hands in need and suffering

In disease and distress given them life

May they go ever in joy and delight
May they tell of thy goodness to the people of the whole world

Celebrant: Let us now invoke Ngame, Moon Godddess of Africa and Lemuria:

Oh secret light! Oh hidden goddess of unseen glory! Raise the veil from thy face, that its rays may illumine my ignorance

Raise me to be thy beloved in that bright land of thine, but let thy darkness also bring deeper knowledge

Oh secret moon! Oh hidden pool! Oh goddess of many names! The veil hath fallen from my eyes, and I see thy shining face. But sleep draws nigh, thy blackness rises to enfold me. Grant me my prayer oh beautiful goddess, before I go on my way.

Celebrant: Let us now remember the Charge of the Goddess

Whenever you have need of anything, once in a month, and better it be when the Moon is full

Shall you assemble in some secret place, and adore the spirit of me, Queen of all Magic

There you who are fain to learn all enchantment yet have not won its deepest Mysteries

And you shall be free of all slavery, and as a sign that you are really free

You shall be naked in your rites, and you shall dance, sing. Love and make music

All in My presence and praise. For mine is the ecstasy of the Spirit

Mine also is joy on the Earth. For My law is love unto all beings

Keep pure your highest ideals, strive ever towards it, let nothing stop you or turn you aside

For Mine is the secret door that opens to the Land of Youth, and Mine is the Cup of the wine of Life
And the Cauldron of Cerridwen, which is the Holy Grail of Immortality

For I am the gracious Goddess, who gives the gift of joy into the heart of men and women

I give knowledge of the Spirit Eternal, and beyond Death, I give peace and freedom

And reunion with those who have gone on before. Nor do I demand sacrifice

For behold, I am the Mother of the All Living and My love is poured out upon the Earth

I who am the Beauty of the Green Earth and the White Moon against the Stars

And the Mystery of the Waters, and desire in the heart of man and woman

Call unto your soul. Arise, and come to Me. For I am the Soul of Nature

Who gives life to the Universe. From Me all things proceed, and to Me all things return.

Before my face, beloved of Gods and humans, let your Divine Innermost self be unfolded

In knowing the Mystery of the Infinite, let My worship be in the heart that rejoices

For behold, all acts of love and pleasure are Mine

Therefore, let there be beauty and strength, power and compassion

Honour and humility, mirth and reverence within you

And those that think to look for Me, know your looking and yearning shall avail you not

Unless you know the Mystery, that which you seek to find is not within you
Then you will never find it without. For behold, I have been with you from the Beginning

And I await you now, for I shall be with you at the End

Celebrant takes time to meditate and reflect on this mystery

Celebrant: Let us also harken to the Song of Vivienne le Fay Morgan from Dion Fortune’s ‘The Sea Priestess’

I am She who ere the Earth was formed
was Ea, Binah, Ge

I am that soundless, boundless, bitter sea

Out of whose deeps life wells eternally

Astarte, Aphrodite, Ashtoreth

Giver of life and bringer in of death
Hera in Heaven and on Earth, Persephone

Levannah of the tides and Hecate

All these am I, and they are seen in me

The hour of the high full moon draws near

I hear the invoking words, hear and appear

Isis Unveiled, and Ea, Binah, Ge

I come to the priest that calleth me

I am that soundless, boundless, bitter sea

All tides are mine, and answer unto me

Tides of the airs, tides of the inner Earth

The secret, silent tides of death and rebirth

Tides of men’s souls, and dreams and destiny

Isis Veiled, and Ea, Binah, Ge

Celebrant: May the Goddess bestow her gifts of joy and love to all in peace and harmony.

A path working or meditation in the celebrants chosen path may follow. Celebrant may seek to commune with the Goddess of their tradition. Celebrant may also wish to conduct a teaching or learning session at this time

Celebrant: I give thanks to the Guardians, Ancestors and Spirits of the Place for the Inspiration, Originality, and Imagination that has been bestowed on me today.

Celebrant holds out platter of bread, with wand/athame makes pentagram to bless it

I hereby bless this in the name of the Goddess

Celebrant holds out chalice of wine, with wand/athame makes pentagram to bless it

I hereby bless this in the name of the Goddess.

Celebrant may like to offer their own poems, dancing or songs here, and also any special prayers or thoughts at this time as they feel appropriate

Closing Ceremony

Celebrant: As is tradition, I raise my hands in the air, sending out thoughts of peace and harmony to all things and beings, and any projects I have in mind

Celebrant: My ceremony completed, I close this circle so I may return to everyday life. But first i thank the Guardians, Ancestors and Spirits of the Place.

Turns to East: There is peace in the East

Turns to South: There is peace in the South

Turns to West: There is peace in the West

Turns to North: There is peace in the North

Standing in centre: There is peace throughout the entire land

Celebrant: In the Name of the Gods and Goddesses that I worship, I send blessings out to the cosmos and the soma of our Universe, and all lifeforms, things and beings, remembering that the truth is out there! We also give thanks to the Gods and Goddesses for the love, beauty and truth that surrounds us now and forever. May we go forth with the Divine Blessing.

Celebrant: Merry meet, merry part, and merry meet again

Note: This a solo use ceremony that can be performed alone by oneself or with others