The Love Box

Items needed:

Small, heart shaped box, love-drawing incense, love-drawing oil, pink candle, parchment paper, pen, rose quartz, some of your own hair, orris root powder, charcoal, and matches.

Perform this spell on the first Friday after the moon turns new. To prepare, center and ground yourself. Light the charcoal. Inscribe upon the parchment that which you specifically desire in a lover. Place some love-drawing incense upon the coals. Dress the pink candle with love drawing oil. While saying:

May the gods of love hear my plea
And bring everlasting love to me!

Light the candle and read your petition aloud, then place the candle on top of the parchment paper. Place more incense upon the coals. Meditate upon your wish, and when finished, read the following:

Hail to thee goddess of love
Shine down on me from above,
Bring now a lover to me
As I will so it shall be.

Let all items remain as they are until the candle has completely burned out. Place the parchment paper in the bottom of the box. On top of the paper drip seven drops of the love-drawing oil. Next place your hair, the rose quartz, some of the orris root powder, and the candle drippings into the box. The box should then be placed where it will be most effective (that is to say, where you will likely  come in contact
with the person upon whom the spell is cast).