Herbal Poppets

This is also known as the “voodoo doll,” although it has been in magical use at least 4,000 years and was only lately associated with voodoo.

Though they have been made out of roots, potatoes, lead, bark, paper, and other materials, in magical herbalism poppets are usually fashioned of cloth and herbs.

The poppet is a doll made to represent the person to be aided through magic.

Poppets are most often made to speed healing, and are also fashioned to draw money, love, and all the various magical needs.

For best results do not construct a poppet representing another person; only yourself.

Poppets are easy to make: draw a rough outline of a human figure (about eight inches long).

Transfer this outline to a doubled-over piece of cloth of the appropriate color.

Cut it out so that you have two identical pieces of cloth.

Pin these together and begin to sew them around the edges.

When threequarters of the doll is stitched, fill it with the appropriate enchanted herbs.

For instance, if I need help in overcoming a cold, I’d stuff the poppet with crushed eucalyptus leaves.

Once the poppet is completed, hold it in your power hand and visualize your need.

State in plain words that you have fashioned the poppet to aid you in becoming healthy, to draw money, etc.

The herbs within the poppet will go to work in manifesting your need.

The poppet filled with healing herbs (for example) represents you “filled” with health.

Place the poppet on the altar.

Burn candles of the proper colors and stare at the poppet, visualizing your need.

Store the doll in a safe place when not in use.

After it has done its job, pick it apart and bury the herbs and cloth.