(Prunus avium) Seed and wilted leaf: X

Folk Names:

Sweet Cherry, Mazzard Cherry








Love, Divination

Magical Uses:

The cherry has long been used to stimulate or attract love.

A beautiful Japanese spell to find love is simple: tie a single strand of your hair to a blossoming cherry tree.

More complex is the following love spell.

This is the type of complicated spell which can be simplified if desired.

Collect as many cherry stones as years you are old.

Drill a hole through no more than one stone each night, beginning on the night of the New Moon.

Do not drill any holes during the waning Moon.

This means that the most you can drill in one month is fourteen stones.

When you have finished drilling, wait until the next New Moon.

Thread them on a piece of red or pink thread and tie this around the left knee each night for fourteen nights.

Sleep with it on and remove each morning.

This will bring you a husband or wife.

To find out how many years you will live, run around a tree full of ripe cherries, then shake it.

The number of cherries that fall represents the number of years left.

sure to shake the tree hard!)

Cherry juice is also used as a blood substitute where called for in old recipes.